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Lyrics submitted by 3isACharm. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

Wtf am i not big enough tonight only

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Rude Boy is found on the album Rated R [Edited]. Rihanna — Rude Boy. Rude Boy song meanings. Add your thoughts 56 Comments. It's a term used frequently in Reggae music.

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In my interpretation, this song is about Rihanna wishing to have sex with a misbehaved young Jamaican gentleman. Come here rude boy boy is you big enough?

She permits him to be on top in order to "ride her. In conclusion, I think this song is about Rihanna fucking some dude.

There was an error. And you are my hero.

Big Huge WTF!!! - Days to Freedom

Flag juliagulia on March 26, Flag xLatina22 on March 28, Flag TheLyricalMiracle on March 30, Flag payau on March 31, Flag rocktheworld on April 03, Flag LFotF on April 11, Absolute and complete genius.

Flag BeB0ston on Parowan UT sex dating 21, WTF is so win about this?

It's just an over analyzed, over emphasized statement of the obvious. How is this epic?

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You people are fucking stupid. Flagged Amaya-chan on May 01, You must take life less seriously. This description is most definately win. Flag littlejoski on May 15, If taking life less seriously means finding unfunny stuff noh, then I want no part of it. I'm sorry, but I just think this guy is an attention whore who posted this just to get some cheap internet fame.

I don't even know why I posted my original comment. I hate this song anyway and only looked Wtf am i not big enough tonight only the lyrics so I could understand WTF she was saying, and this comment caught my eye and it annoyed me how everyone was kissing the guy's ass over something so retarded.

Flag Amaya-chan on May 28, I'll look the lyrics up later". Maybe not everyone thinks it's funny, but I've been cracking up. Flag Crystalline on June 09, Flag eonugh on June 13, What a laugh riot. Flag Tsuppi on June 18, tonkght That made Naked brunette in Dyer Indiana day, kudos for this hilarious piece of win.

Flag succulent on July 29, It's origin is Bot, but pretty much all Caribbean people use it. I just wanted to add that as a side note. Flag keykeyx on September 03, General Comment I'm not a fan of Rhianna, I just came here because wondered what a rude boy was, toniyht. At least she Wf Wtf am i not big enough tonight only control of her own sexuality and owning it I understand why guys would prefer the "how can I please you?

Is your waist small enough? Are you willing to do whatever I want you to do in bed? Are we NOT supposed to have any need or wants? Are men the only ones who are supposed Wtf am i not big enough tonight only matter when it comes to sex? I actually became very depressed toinght all these negative reviews simply because it is a woman speaking about her sexuality. I am not even a big Rihanna fan but I have to give her respect now because I can see she probably got a lot of criticism Women in Gent that fuck general going by most of these comments.

Sex is natural, no one would be here without it!

Dispatches — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

But YOU will never be Housewives seeking sex tonight Linden Iowa to change your penis size!!!

So how does it feel to wm judged and criticize for something you cant naturally control? Which is what most modern women feel they must go through She is giving those men a dose of their own medicine I don't have a problem with women being sexualized if you choose to do so BUT a woman should be equally be free to do so without being called a whore, etc.!!

Thank You again, it is good to know not everyone out there is narrow-minded and pro-censorship.

Flagged elleagu on December 07, Song Meaning Sometimes songs about love are sweet and sentimental. This 'aint one of those songs.

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This is a song about a woman who challenges her lover to take her hard, to take her roughly, almost as much out of anger as passion. It is a song about a woman's sexual freedom. The listener has to wonder if this song is less meant for the guy she is with now, but perhaps to make a past controlling or domineering lover jealous. No Replies Log in to reply.

General Comment I couldn't agree with Crystalline more. I rarely listen to Rihanna, yet see no harm with this song.

There, Wtf am i not big enough tonight only may have all the censorship, restriction, male-domination, and sexual prohibition your little heart desires. America exercises hegemony over the world i. Yet no one seems to be bothered. The fact of the matter, my friends, is that females Wtf am i not big enough tonight only much more sexually restricted and censored than their male counterparts, as evidenced even by this thread.

Do you call everyone who listens to Lil Wayne a slut, whore, etc? No, you don't - even though his lyrics are a hundred times more raunchy. Take "Lollipop," a number one hit, for example: You are Sweet woman seeking hot sex Helena right. Men and sadly, even women seem to reject this song precisely because Rihanna is taking control of her sexuality. So often, women are so so so completely marginalized in bed, and giving men pleasure and control is emphasized Rihanna seems to suggest that women need to re-think this, and think equally about themselves, sexually: Damn, it just seems like there are so many ignorant, narrow-minded, sexist, vulgar people around.

I Am Searching Sexual Partners Wtf am i not big enough tonight only

You and Crystalline couldn't be more right! Here is my response to her which is equally and response to you.

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Flag elleagu on Bih 07, General Comment i love this song and i tihnk rihanna is a great artists. Yeah it's about sex, get over it. Because that's what they're all about.

And this isn't near as graphic as other songs I hear. It's a good, catchy song.

Rihanna - Rude Boy Lyrics | SongMeanings

I love Rihanna, shes a fabulous artist and a tough ass woman. General Comment The impression I get from this song is that it's supposed to be ironic. The narrator is so tired of males constantly coming on to her in a pushy way and they probably don't expect anything to actually happenand eventually she gets fed up and challenges them right back calling their bluff.

General Comment best song on the album. General Comment not to mention any names on here tonighh just because i happen to enjoy this song doesnt make me a slut. Haha, yeah - people are immature and stupid. That song has absolutely no affection on my sexual activities - it's a fucking song for god's Wtf am i not big enough tonight only Don't even wanna bother wasting more words on them.

General Comment This song is beautiful and amazing. I wish i mot get paid Women want sex Bosworth to speak my thoughts!