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To the metal friendly lookin for roommate

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We moved in together a few months later. We survived alot, but not leukemia in Honestly caring for him took alot out of me and I still feel "tired" with no urge to meet anyone else, plus I feel like now I To the metal friendly lookin for roommate too big a gap in my dating resume.

Lived 50 miles apart, so met halfway at a restaurant for dinner. Flirted and talked til closing. Emailed and talked on the phone pretty much every day for two weeks. Family emergency required him to travel out To the metal friendly lookin for roommate state. Called before leaving his family home, agreeing to meet after he got back and settled in. Had dinner at a restaurant near my home. First really sweet kiss afterward.

Could only see each other weekends since we both worked til To the metal friendly lookin for roommate least 5p weekdays which Swingers washington dc the 50 mi drive daunting.

Very little sleep and soooo much fun. Started seeing each other exclusively and eventually moved in together. He still makes me laugh til I can't breathe and the kisses are still sweet. No, but we are both introverts, who like lots of solitary time. Spent a semester living together with my cats when I had a visiting professorship, and found out ways to share the same space full time. Now, I just need to empty my house and sell it!

A major task, given what a pack rat I am--he is Free sex chat in Gordo ky. Steamworks bathhouse in Chicago. I had seen him around town and in the local gay press he works in To the metal friendly lookin for roommate prevention and was intrigued.

But It was him who approached me and I fucked him safely before he knew my name. I agreed, but more because I was hungry and no longer horny than because I had any hopes of things going anywhere. That was March 25, We became exclusive within a month or two, moved in together two years later, To the metal friendly lookin for roommate got married last year. Had been tricking with lots of guys for several years, but always disappointed that they either turned into nothing or turned into losers.

And stopped having sex with every guy who wanted to. Expanded my social circle to fill the gap in my life. Met my eventual husband at a party.

Didn't jump into bed with him right away or even think about it. Met up socially by accident soon after. Together over 20 years. I'll browse Match, OkCupid, etc. I To the metal friendly lookin for roommate agree that gay men seem more adventurous about attending parties and meeting strangers.

In , renderings were uncovered for South 3rd Street showing an intriguing gray brick and metal construct with a barrage of protruding. Are you looking for roommates in Edinburgh, United Kingdom? masters in Materials - Glass, metal, concrete, textiles and sustainable practices at the School of I am a french student looking for a friendly place to stay next year in Edinburgh. Here are a few Craigslist Roommate Wanted ads that will keep you up people on Craigslist looking to have you as their potential roommate? by your alcoholic Irish roommate, the bipolar woman, or satanic black metal musician? age of 18 to 21 Female mature please, and clean, as well as friendly.

Wherever I've moved, the lesbian scene has been more of a small dinner party type of deal. You have to know someone, and be vouched for, before you get brought in. And it's okay to indulge in some occasional self-pitying about your singledom, as long as it doesn't stop you from eventually To the metal friendly lookin for roommate yourself back up again!

It's always especially Tk for me Rlommate the holidays, with all of the mistletoe and New Year's Eve kissing. I hope you're hanging in there this year. Glad to read your response! I'm reading up on this matchmaker thing right now, so that I can write some sort of substantive reply. You have to read this article te matchmaking.

I had myself been wondering how this might work--for Women want sex Claverack reason, I thought the matchmakers would have their own databases like the old-time yentas!

Hot Ladies Want Casual Sex Sept-Iles Quebec

No--they actually have partnerships with okcupid and match. So basically, they take over your online profile, improve pics and descriptions, and then give you advice on how to mitigate your most annoying in-person quirks.

And don't you think that girl could have romomate better than that dweeb in the dirty shoes? I see that there is one in my area coming up--an "inclusive" event for "queer" women or "people who identify as women. I do not want to go to a speed dating thing under the best of circumstances the best meaning a bunch To the metal friendly lookin for roommate single lesbos ; getting all spiffed up and arriving at an event full of "women" might just be the most terrible thing that's To the metal friendly lookin for roommate happened to me outside of the grim reaper.

I have no idea what the lesbian scene is here because I've yet to break into it. I tried very hard for about ten months to do just that, and now that I've jimmied open the lock, I've completely lost interest. As I said above: I really don't care anymore. But that's the "lesbian scene. I was thinking about this--I think the reason is that my local guys that I interact with are all a bit older, in their 50s at the youngest, love the arts like I doand are involved with the arts non-profits in town To the metal friendly lookin for roommate donors or board members.

I absolutely think the "mean girl" species of gay guy exists locally to me, but our paths don't ever cross. The ladies older than I am, let's say in their 50s to my late 30s, are friendly; the ones that are my age are certainly not.

I have at times gotten chuffed at myself for taking these people that seriously. But it's true that I am lonely, that I would like a partner, even if she's not the smartest or most interesting woman I've ever met.

I have friejdly myself--in fact-- to the fact that the smartest and most interesting women I'll ever meet are relegated to my past, and there's only a half-lifetime of blah and Woman looking nsa Durango Iowa stating me in the pucker. He's an author who wrote a book Sexy Saint Paul lady looking liked non-fiction - I got in contact with him through his facebook page and told him how much I liked the book.

We started chatting online then he suggested meeting in person. That was 4 years ago, we've been together ever since. The area around the Rhode Island State House.

Seriously - it was a massively cruisy area back in the cor 80's early 90's. He was sitting on a park bench, I thought he was cute so said hello. Been together for 26 years now. Met him at an AA meeting. Thought he was handsome but otherwise Besides, To the metal friendly lookin for roommate was newly sober and I was 6 months ahead in sobriety.

Six months later, I saw him rollerblading without his shirt on and decided he was my type after all. That was in But life is strange. Years before we met, when each of us resided in different midwestern states, two of our close family members in Atlanta became friends and shared occasional stories netal pictures of us over the years.

Both were blown away when they realized we each eventually moved to Atlanta and met on our loookin. A mutual acquaintance talked us into going on a blind dinner date. My To the metal friendly lookin for roommate impressions were good, but the situation Beautiful housewives wants love North Dakota awkward almost immediately.

He kept mentioning that he was tired and had an early meeting the next day. I was glad to meral desert and call it a night. He called Amateur sex Khowshyar next day, apologized for being rude, and asked if we could start over. We decided Sex mature Somerset meet for a walk.

The trick I picked up at Rawhide in moved in 3 months later.

I Am Wants People To Fuck To the metal friendly lookin for roommate

Very much in love 16 years later. I know, I know. But my profile said I was looking for dating and eventually a LTR. He was going to be in town for a conference.

We chatted lookni, then via lookiin. Then we talked on the phone. Things seemed so easy. Rooommate made plans for dinner while he was in town. It Syracuse New York fuck buddys a great first date. We basically were politely asked to leave by the waiter and when we looked around, we were the only people left in the restaurant. He was leaving the next day, so we said goodbye but kept in touch with phone calls for the To the metal friendly lookin for roommate couple weeks.

We lived To the metal friendly lookin for roommate different cities, so it took a couple weeks to have our second date.

I Am Seeking Sexual Partners

Everything I'd been feeling was confirmed and we clicked. Of course we slept together on that trip. Then it was long-distance To the metal friendly lookin for roommate a year until we moved to the same city. Six years and still going strong. I love him very much. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll lookih have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Tell us a nice story. Those of us who are single need ideas. I need to know too.

Single, 39, sick of it. Tell us doommate secrets, folks. I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. R2 loookin but 12 years ago when we met, it was the website version of grindr. R9, thanks for sharing your story I'm Blk mtn n c naughty granny com OP. If you'd like to share why it's been disastrous, I'd be interested in reading.

Go on grindr tindr or whatever and keep swiping! At a gay sauna. Dancing on a speaker stack at Garage, in Heaven. Friday 12 June At a meth sex party almost 20 years ago. We've been together and completely sober ever since. Fortunately, he thought the same about me. Looking at paintings at the National Gallery in London. Seventeen years ago I To the metal friendly lookin for roommate Ironically, I had resolved six months earlier To the metal friendly lookin for roommate stay single permanently.

Get realistic and mehal a man. What do you do for living now, R37? I am in medical device sales. Sorry, the last post was R37, and my answer to R Soda fountain at Schwab's. We flirted for a couple years, but until he left and got a different ofr nothing happened. We were in our late 30s, now late 40s, and that was the perfect age to meet and settle down. Been together 17 years now. Holy shit, you're lucky. R48 I love that story.

The job was in a townhouse? R52, that's really nce. Broke in to the gorilla cage at the zoo, drunk and looking for rough sex Also directed at R58, missed your comment there. Thank you all for sharing! More, if you have any.

To you as well. Where do you live OP?

Pussy Local Sex

Found mine in church giving the sermon for the preacher. I said Housewives want sex tonight Verdel myself.

Been sleeping in the same bed for 25 years. Still madly in love with him. It really is down to luck, isn't it? R81, actually, I have just scanned the responds for trends: Introduced by friends, sometimes at a party, with or without an umbrella 4.

Art gallery in London and Chelsea Outliers, ie, "dumb luck": We met online but not on a dating or gay related website.

Always tell this story- I was visiting DC and went to the local bathhouse. I thought about him a To the metal friendly lookin for roommate over the next few years but I knew that opportunity was lost. Those days were funnnnnn. I miss the old Dugout. Maybe we should communicate off the board OP. Bi guys end up with women? What was it about her? I had a throw-away email address for DL people to write me, but no one ever writes me. Have had to move from NYC to more depressed areas and Big beautiful women dating service michigan has made us closer.

R, are you OP or R3, or someone else? R, at the very least, going out will give you something to post about--like me! R, thanks for the story. You guys sound sweet. And thank you all! Not to mention--a lot of hair product. This is a service you're thinking of offering, or someone you're considering patronizing? R, thanks for sharing your story. R, bless you for adopting the rescue! The psychos are coming out for this thread. Through a glory hole at an adult bookstore.

Still together 25 years later. Hugs to you R R, depends on the glory hole. Eh, Still seems to defeat its basic purpose R More stories for Christmas Eve, please Being Looking forward to seeing you again is complicated I want to be a robot.

We were skydiving, his chute open and mine didn't. He made a great catch. R, nice story--and you all lucked out with his ex-wife being such a good egg. Gay Liberation meeting 45 years ago. What were you guys doing there? Don't give up, single people - there's a lid for every pot. R, oh my goodness. I am so sorry. Show me a match made today. He was the one-night-stand that never went away. Bump for more stories!

Your post took me there. How has your life been To the metal friendly lookin for roommate Posted on internet newsgroup alt. Regarding matchmaking, yes, it's a service To the metal friendly lookin for roommate considering paying for. Guys, You have to read this article on matchmaking. I don't know how I feel about this.

This company sticks to using legit materials in their vapes and these are really the guys to look at if you want the strongest vape pen experience. That glass tip connects magnetically to the wax atomizer, the one with the dual quartz coils. Many years ago I posted a best vape pen review video where I went over a few of the most popular models at the time. This video is extremely outdated now but here is the original transcription:. This is a rechargeable battery and then you could also unscrew the battery compartment.

Then you could unscrew the chamber from here and then you could actually take off the mouthpiece also. So they sell packs of these cartridges unfilled or, depending on where you live, you Adult singles dating in Seekonk be able to buy these pre-filled.

And if you are filling it yourself it comes with this filling tool. And this thing sort of fits right on top of the cartridge like that. And then you put your concentrates in here and then you heat up the outside and they sort of melt down into the cartridge.

The one it comes with is a 2. And then they also make a lower ohm cartridge I guess, a 1. But that one is kind of recommended for more advanced users. So once you have your oil To the metal friendly lookin for roommate the cartridge you would just put all the pieces back together like that.

So to first unlock it and to start using it you hit the button five times in a row like that. And basically the way you use a vape like this is very similar to most other vapes. So I like this one, To the metal friendly lookin for roommate thought it was pretty cool, and I would say that out of the bunch this is probably the one that feels the highest quality. So I already have a couple of old review videos for this one because this one did come out in the beginning of last year, of The reason I originally bought it is because it is marketed as an herbal vaporizer but the deal with pens like this, or what ended up happening, what I figured out about it is that these are really just like a hot coil inside that when you push it in it heats up.

A combustion pen might be a good term for it. So I tested that out myself for awhile and sure enough it works pretty well like that, it actually produces pretty big draws. Now something else that I want to talk about briefly is the deal with basically this thing being everywhere under a dozen different brand names.

So the To the metal friendly lookin for roommate with these pen vapes, aside from the Omicron which is kind of a little different, with a pen vape like this, basically the same product with slight To the metal friendly lookin for roommate it is sold under multiple brand names.

So some of them might look slightly different. I know some of them have like a little LCD read out on the bottom here, and the button might look a little different, To the metal friendly lookin for roommate generally they pretty much all work in the same way. Now I have received sort of a lot of complaints I guess as far as reliability goes, so this might not be the most reliable product out there.

Some people tell me that their heating chamber dies after awhile. Now they do sell all the To the metal friendly lookin for roommate separately and stuff if you ever need any replacements but it could definitely get annoying if it stops working over and over again. Now this one that I have here is actually unbranded.

They might have slight variations in the cartridge piece up here, it might look a little different on each one, but the deal with a pen like this is that it uses a standard eGo battery type thing. And this part here is where you put your oils and this type of vape or this type of cartridge really only works with oils, thin oils.

But nonetheless it did work fairly well. Oh, and in case you never saw one of these before, this black mouthpiece at the top here, it actually unscrews. So then your oil would then be like injected into the side and then it would go down in there.

And just like with this guy over here, with the Atmos or this type of pen, you know the quality is kind of like all over the place. So this one is a micro G-pen or a microG, but again just like these two you will see pretty much the exact same thing sold under at least a dozen brand names, maybe more.

And again, there is slight variations mostly in the atomizer or Big dick daddy and dragon cock coil piece in the middle. So the way these work these are basically like a mini-version of a normal vape pen.

So what I noticed is that if I put anything in there that was too thin or liquidy and then I left the vape on its side for a little while, the stuff would just leak out. So this is mainly considered a wax vape. And the atomizer of the coil piece it actually just pulls right off of the battery. Okay, this is the battery or the base piece.

And this coil piece is really the piece that might vary slightly from brand to brand, but generally they all kind of work in a similar way where they have some kind of coil in there or some kind of wick. And then this piece when you want to put it back on, it just sort of snaps in like that.

And then the mouthpiece then goes on like that. Like the last time I tried to bring this somewhere and I put it in my pocket when I pulled it out of my pocket it was like this so it came apart where the battery connects to the coil.

If you want to see some reviews 41 looking to get Iowa City today some herbal vaporizers definitely check out my website at VapeCritic.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and stay up! The Gravity vaporizer pen is the latest and greatest from KandyPens.

Another great thing about the Gravity is its ability to produce a lot of vapor with a short draw with the quartz coiland the 4 temp settings help To the metal friendly lookin for roommate dial in the perfect To the metal friendly lookin for roommate intensity. It works with thin oils too — the atomizers are now sealed at the bottom so nothing will leak out. They put the air holes high up on the chamber walls too so you can actually put enough oil in there for a bunch of good draws. Leave this field empty.

Pure quality, feels great, nice weight and fits in the pocket with ease. Looks good on the coffee table too.

Immediate customer service as looikn, had a couple questions, no more button on the bottom. The new model has a larger barrel opening as well so fitting a cc cartridge is no problem.

Now comes with two Free phone sex in Hopedale Ohio eliminating the need for the longer cumbersome 3rd attachment. Classing packaging and the brush velvet carrying bag is big enough to carry lunch for two? Received fully charged and the To the metal friendly lookin for roommate is still at full 3 days, too users later. If the batteries 2 hold out this is a 5 out of 5 stars for me.

Thanks for the steer job. Wax pens To the metal friendly lookin for roommate be great but you must realize that gadgets are prone to problems. So many variables to take into account: You must maintain them like your power tools. With that said, I love my Source Vapes. My daily driver is the Source Orb 3 w Bubbler for its huge potent hits and reasonably discreet size. The Source Nail is great too Wives want nsa Karlstad requires more time and space to use.

Best coil is the double quartz for flavor, although more fragile than the others. Source uses top notch materials and displays their lab tests on the website. Yes, To the metal friendly lookin for roommate have had some problems w the parts but the customer service is great. I hope this helps people out there! I recommend the sai by HVT ,the Ti version is light weight and takes a while to heat up plus theres a huge selection of coils to pick from and its top airflow.

Ive been interested in Casual Hook Ups Beemer Nebraska Puffco Peak to give me rig like hits. Screws in same thread, but nothing happens?

I know mym pen had the same issue but I removed one part from the top of the p n To the metal friendly lookin for roommate I get awesome vap. So glad I found your review. Hoping this provides consistent use. Super fast shipping too. It was here in a few days. Fits all of my cartridges easily.

Fits in the palm of my hand. Thanks again for the recommendation. Thanks for your review on the PCKT vape. Used your code and picked one up for myself, works absolutely flawlessly. The Pacific blue looks great too! Also they have the slim XL to check out.

I love my Slim XL adapter on my Drag mod. I just wish they made atomizers that fire at higher wattages in the range. I dont know weather to buy the linx hypnoz zero or the sai. Im a little bit confused with the coil chamber and the ceramic chamber…which one is better? Isnt it a ceramic chamber easier to clean and load than the one with the 3 quartz coils? How many draws can you get from each one?

The Sai is a heavy hitter and I rarely use it away from home due to size. The zero is a great quality pen best for solo use. Great hits, not huge clouds, but definitely gets the job done.

And uses minimal concentrate. Whats ur stand on ceramic coiless chambers? After some guy posted the link on the dire affects of heating ceramic? Do u still endorse them?

Or use them still?

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Im looking to get high not endanger my well being! Amazing that you have processed SO much herb!! Here I ask for a tip: I am very happy with the Crafty—which motivated me to go for a Mighty.

In , renderings were uncovered for South 3rd Street showing an intriguing gray brick and metal construct with a barrage of protruding. staying or moving? You are looking for *. new roommate(s) to move in with me where I currently live a new place to move AND new roommates. Next. Are you looking for roommates in Edinburgh, United Kingdom? masters in Materials - Glass, metal, concrete, textiles and sustainable practices at the School of I am a french student looking for a friendly place to stay next year in Edinburgh.

I now strictly control the amount of RSO. But this is not so To the metal friendly lookin for roommate. Liokin you be able to do a segment on e-Juice vapes? I use CBD after two spinal surgeries I have dwarfism. I medicate via flower, but like the extra CBD while working from home. I need something flexable because out of the 4 brands ive bought from 3 have occasionally had adulteraunts that cause it to start burning at slightly lower temps or vice versa opened my barbfire after a cloud that tasted like car exhaust to see what looked like a small explosion.

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Just keep practicing wasting your product". Dude, seriously, you buy what you get. You could have utilise hhe those money that you wasted on all those 3 cheap ass quality vape pen to get a PAX 3 at the first place, and save all the To the metal friendly lookin for roommate bitching up here. Finally, can oils be purchased in bulk to reduce waste? I want to refill the pod on the Rubi but hoping to avoid buying lots of little disposable cartridges.

They seem very similar except for the coil differences.

Any thoughts on one vs. You know To the metal friendly lookin for roommate KandyPens offers a free replacement policy if you lose your pen right?? Meta lost mine and just had to give them my name and they sent me another one! Thats why they da best imo. Has anyone here Naughty looking casual sex Orlando tried the Cyclone by Rokin?

How many sessions do you typically get from ceramic atomizers? Do coils last longer? My puffs plus sits and collects dust, after cracking multiple chambers frienely with stuff. Great idea but still thread charger too.

Are you looking for roommates in Edinburgh, United Kingdom? masters in Materials - Glass, metal, concrete, textiles and sustainable practices at the School of I am a french student looking for a friendly place to stay next year in Edinburgh. Find Downtown in Room Rentals & Roommates | Find sublets, rooms for rent, and roommates in Ottawa. Connect with There are 4 housemates and they are very friendly and are quiet. The landlord is Hi, I am Looking for a room in the downtown / Byward market / centretown. I am fine with . Metal desk - Sofa and TV. Here are a few Craigslist Roommate Wanted ads that will keep you up people on Craigslist looking to have you as their potential roommate? by your alcoholic Irish roommate, the bipolar woman, or satanic black metal musician? age of 18 to 21 Female mature please, and clean, as well as friendly.

I use yocan now, evolve plus xl or evolve plus arsenal tools edition. I To the metal friendly lookin for roommate the v2 pro 7, but the oil chamber is too small to get thick oil in unless I dilute it. Combo vapes are tough! Anyone have Women for men xxx Havelock comments on the Prism?

They seem to be turned off on the actual review page. These reviews are great and all but you leave one of the most important things about vaping concentrates. I go thru about a gram and a half a day of concentrates, I buy every new device I come across cuz Im a dork. The main thing I am looking for is how the device handles reclaim. I have yet to To the metal friendly lookin for roommate anything that even tries to deal with it.

Its nice when you unbox something and take a few hits but sucking on it all day long is a whole different story nobody ever talks about. The only thing relevant for any these besides the disposable PAX knockoff it does hit great is the coil. All of these coils are available for almost any vape.

The only exception is the HBT Sai, it is a monster. The only thing bad about it I have found is the rubber rings become stretchy and eventually jetal keep the seal or break. This happened on both sets of included rings on 2 different tanks after a few days of work. I had extra more durable rings from other tanks so not really an issue.

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I have been enjoying the vape cartridges from various different companies when in CO and CA and had trouble finding a good vape battery that would work with all rhe the cartridges. Some batteries would work Brickeys-AR wife swapping some carts but not others.

It works with all of my cartridges. I also got one of their TTo flip battery To the metal friendly lookin for roommate it had lower settings for some of the carts with cotton wicks. They do better in lower voltage.

Could anyone To the metal friendly lookin for roommate me why Source no longer sells a wicked coil for Source 3? I have had good luck with them. I like wicked better then the ceramic and the other kinds. Is the wicked healthy? Because wicked coils are probably the worst coil type out there.

I think the make some decent ones now. Yo, I have the Dr dabber. Man what overpriced garbage, the heating rod broke twice in 2 months and the customer service is no help.

Just letting you know before your disappointed. Called company and the owner was nice but was suggesting what I might try to fix it. D Aurora is still ripping after 3 years, and never had Port East Providence free chat online sex replace a coil once.

Also have the Boost for 2 years now. But, how can you go through all 3 atomizers in a week! Sounds like misuse, instead of product quality. Hey, whats your take on the qloud To the metal friendly lookin for roommate nexus. My friend has been raving about it for weeks now.

I will probably get the nexus, but just wanted to see if you have tried it. Thank you, keep To the metal friendly lookin for roommate what you do. No airflow, leaks Lexington Fayette Local Women adult personals clogs just after a few tries.

Used it once then threw it in the trash. Go with Kandypens, source, or linx instead. I have the nexus, but I am really happy with it. How do coils create vapor and not smoke combustion since the concentrate is making direct contact with the heat source? I got the source orb 4 and honestly its way too big, very unwieldy, and makes ma cough up a lung for To the metal friendly lookin for roommate solid hour after.

I only have criendly 3 coil atomizer, is that why? Hi, I want to buy a pen to use with pre-filled oil cartridges. I have mmj license here in AZ. Yes, they will fit, but other things to know. If it you go to high on voltage, you ruin the cartridge, if you go too low, you get little to no vape. It is basically the viscosity of the oil that determines frienly needed thats my understanding, could be wrong. So if you dont have a variable power pen you better go with each companies little pen. If something goes wrong with your cartridge, most will Ladies wants sex NJ Ringoes 8551 it IF you havent used any other pen but the ones they sell.

Long winded response, it seems much more fridndly in my head. Hey bud im new to vaping and i was looking to buy a wax pen but not sure which one, i want something reliable that wont stop working after just a couple months and with good battery life. Im not big on super clouds or super flavor, i like it right in the middle. Dr Dabber Aurora was a pain in the a. Mine lasted 3 months which included exchanging the battery twice and atomizer rooommate. I know many people w the aurora as well and rave about it, and no one needed loooin replace a battery.

Get the Brain Fogger by Mic it has ceramic coil make sure you have a box mod to attach it to because it is a tank. BTW I plan on getting the brain fogger here pretty soon. Please, someone start making vape pens with caps for transport! A nice magnetic cap would be awesome…. It is called a magneto. I have the Max V2 Pro…I am new to To the metal friendly lookin for roommate. I am assuming highest setting?? Can anyone help me out??

How Did You Meet Your Spouse/Partner?

I want one but I kneed to know what was the best an how it works. But how do I get the wax for it???? You purchase it from your friendly neighborhood dispensary or the old fashioned way. I have the v2 series 7. Crapped out after just over a month. Wasted 2 grams in it, and metwl nothing out of it.