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Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey Wants Dick

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Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey

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M4w waiting for a nice cougar around here for some fun. Hi boys, Newtownbabey is the real deal. Would love to meet that special somebody. I'm average physiy, but I'm eager to please, don't smoke (anything. This is just something Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey so I don't really have a preference for the person.

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Your take on butch lesbians? I am a butch lesbian and am very attracted to them. What do you think about the stereotype? Why do you think they dress and act like they do? Why other lesbians are attracted to them? Are you into them and why?

Vent as much as you like. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I don't know much of the sterotypes. I act the way I do, because that's just who I am? I'd like people to consider me girly, but How can they, when I get into fist fights, wear shirt 10x my size, act "unlady" like, and things that aren't considered girly And I wouldn't want it any other way o: I've never met lesbians who straight up say they like Butch Lesbians other then me Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey Woman looking casual sex La Grulla Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey heard reasons why they like me, They tell me that I act like I care about no one and act all tough but they know that deep down inside I do care and they like that quality about me Maybe that's why some girls are into butch girls?

Because they are all tough but are still Durr Girls? The only thing that I could think Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey that a lot of lesbians want the softness of another woman and maybe for them a butch lesbian is too complicated.

I don't know why honestly.

I think its stupid too. Perhaps if they weren't so quick to judge they may find out that it could be Cute guy at Nornalup safeway as awesome as Newtosnabbey "nonbutch" lesbian relationship.

For me, I love a person for who they are. My husband and I are both bisexual but have chosen to be Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey because we love the person and are not particular about sexual preferences.

Your take on butch lesbians? | Yahoo Answers

Your sexual preference should not lead to hate of other people because of theirs. Everyone has the right to love whoever they chose. Just because some lesbians are butch and others don't prefer that doesn't Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey that they should hate on butch lesbians.

If I chose to be with a woman I don't think it would matter to me. Don't get me wrong I don't sit around trying to figure them out or anything.

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I just don't understand why you have to walk, talk, and even use the mentality of an adolescent boy. Dating Louisville sex think they adopt this demeanor because of insecurity issues.

One reason could be they think that girls won't be attracted them if they don't look like Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey guy. I have no clue why other lesbians are attracted to them because last time I checked being a lesbian means you aren't physically or sexually attracted to men.

Therefore, why would you want someone who acts or look like a guy when you are lesbian?

If you want a man call yourself straight and get one. That's me being brutally honest and I don't mean to offend anyone. I don't think we need labels because it creates persnal more of Nfwtownabbey identity crisis. On the other hand, labels are inevitable because one can be fem, like myself, and other lesbians can embrace masculinity. In the end it's whatever floats your boat. There is Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey whole spectrum of sexual preferences form total attraction to the same gender to total attraction for a different gender.

I Search Sex Date Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey

There is also a full spectrum from the totally feminine to the totally masculine. A man or woman can fall anywhere on either of those lines. You seem to be a person who is toward the masculine end and toward the exclusive same sex end.

There is no btch or abnormal.

Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey

You are attracted to people who resemble yourself. Why do you care what I think?

My 2 cents though. The more comfortable a person is with them self and free enough to be them self, then the more I "like" them.

I expect the same. Due to the abuse they've had, they usually confuse feminine sexiness with being passive. I'm quite a femme lesbian and enjoy looking like a woman. However, thats my personal preference.

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I personally dont find them attractive. I will save my venting because its just an opinion, but i prefer my women to be quite girly: Related Questions Why do some lesbians hate butch lesbians? Why do girly lesbians like butch lesbians? Why do feminine lesbians find butch lesbians attractive?

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Why are femme lesbians attracted to butch lesbians? Are butch lesbians attracted to other butch lesbians? Answer Questions Are there only eNed genders? Are you gay, bi, or normal?

Need tough butch personal Newtownabbey Search Vip Sex

I Newtownanbey experimenting with candy and I got one stuck up my butt. How do I get it out? Please answer it really hurts!? Is Sarah Paulson gay? Why do trannies expect normal people to play along with their delusions? My 29 year old married brother told me last night he is gay.

12 Steps to Being Butch | HuffPost

Unsure what to say.? Is this girl attractive, thoughts? If homosexuality is genetic, then why did people's gay ancestors reproduce?