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Please don't list this on a work's page as a trope. Examples can go on the work's YMMV tab. Some shows never stood a chance.

Not necessarily because they're bad, but because the very concept scared people away. This is the Audience Alienating Premise. An idea that could be cool and could even make a fantastic show, book, movie, video game or comic, and may very well have, but which instead dooms the work from the very start due to the mere concept being a difficult sell.

Sadly, due to how it "sounds", many people won't try it out. This can play out in the inherent struggles with trying to get people excited with niche genres horror films with Squick and Nausea Fuelforeign material that doesn't translate well comedies with puns based on the native languagegenres Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita were killed off some time ago blaxploitation can only exist today in parodyadaptations of an existing Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita with a built in stigma Peter Pan is for kids because of the Disney movietrying to appeal to too many demographics Horny women Churchs Ferry North Dakota the same time making only that part of the film intelligible to its target audienceor the execution itself takes things in an unexpected direction.

Note that this is not a judgement call on the work itself. Marketing itself can be entirely at faulttrying to sell it as something more generic when it has plenty of other qualities to offer.

Hot visitor for sexy Huelva attempts to mimic styles popular from other cultures comes off as too different for audiences to understand and appreciate, even though it is a fine example of that genre in its own right. In many cases an oddball work is shunned on release only to become a Cult Classicoften being either Vindicated by Video or Vindicated by Cable.

Simply having an off-sounding premise doesn't immediately qualify for this trope, as Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita a movie inspired by s pulp space adventures or psychedelic rock with horror themes ends up being wildly successful anyway.

Associated tropes and genres include:. Compare Germans Love David Hasselhoff when a work winds up much more popular in another country due to differences in tastes and Values Resonance. When the alienated audience is in another country, it's Americans Hate Tingle.

This is usually attributable to Values Dissonance. Public Medium Ignorance is for works which suffer from a strong tendency to be audience alienating.

Audience-Alienating Premise - TV Tropes

More often than not, the resulting work is Overshadowed by Controversy. Could Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita overlap with Necessary Weaseland Anthropic Principle. Contrast Dancing Bearwhere the oddness of the premise attracts interest rather than discouraging it. Also, in many ways the opposite of Multiple Demographic Appeal ; in fact, an Audience-Alienating Premise is sometimes the result of trying to cater to sed kinds of audience and failing to attract any.

Compare Intentionally Awkward Title. Do not add this trope until a work has been released.

It only counts if it actually fails to meet expectations, not if people merely anticipate that it will fail. And just because one person finds a work's premise unappealing doesn't necessarily mean that everyone shares that viewpoint. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld: A Magical Girl maxiseries created during early '80s?

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It didn't stand a chance, so DC Comics killed the series by making the main character evil and blowing up her homeworld. Of course, if they had the foresight to allow the property to live until the '90sthey could have had a hot product on their hands. The comic again failed to find Samta audience, and was cancelled with Issue 8 in early While the relaunch had some potential going for it, it also ran into a number of the Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita roadblocks — for a comic that was being promoted with kid-friendly shorts on Cartoon Network 's DC Nationit went for more Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita a " Game of Thrones with magical gem powers" vibe Blonde woman ready encounters dating featured an attempted gang rape in its first issue.

Amethyst had a sort of crossover in the second series.

Cue very surprised looks from readers wondering why a character from a " comic for little girls " was doing in the pages of Dr. Turns out Amy is a Lord of Order. Yes, you read that Claria.

Power Pack the original s comic: Kid heroesexcept that, instead of featuring wacky antics and dumb adult Ladies want real sex MD Naval academy 21402, the theme was played totally straight. The story took itself seriously not only was the comic pretty dark at times, but the kids Nayghty even featured in the X-Men 's Mutant Massacre crossover, which was every bit Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita dark as it soundsbut many people wrote it off because it was about kids.

Most adult comic readers dismissed it out of hand, because they assumed a story about children would just be wacky and stupid, and kids who wanted to see wacky antics probably ended up disappointed.

Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita Want Dating

It's no coincidence that most of the letters to the editor came Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita adults, with only the occasional year-old, who were surprised at the quality of the storytelling. A similar issue plagued the first arc of the Terry Moore -led reboot of Runaways. The Granny with many Camp Sherman Oregon men cartoonish art by Humberto Ramos suggested that it was aimed at younger teens, which repelled longtime Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita, but the not-so-kid-friendly storyline — involving Karolina being accused of complicity in the destruction of Majesdane, and ending with Xavin impersonating her and handing themselves over to her accusers — didn't really bring in many younger readers, and may have helped lead to the series' cancellation a year later.

It is also to comic book fans what a disco album by Iron Maiden would be to a music fan: Despite some good writing and nice artwork, the comic was cancelled after only nine poorly-selling issues.

Ready Swinger Couples Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita

The amount of vitriol it generated before and during its release is rather amazing. The sequelby the same writer, had the surviving kids infiltrating the Masters of Evil with the book's premise being that one of them will turn evil.

Daily Porn Videos, Porn SiteRips, Porn Movies, Kostenlose Pornos. Absurd Phobia: It turns out Rick is afraid of clowns and pirates.; Absurdly Youthful Parents: Morty became one in "Raising Gazorpazorp" when he convinces Rick to buy him a sex bot that turns out to be an alien reproductive Up to Eleven when the half-alien baby ages extremely quickly, making him appear to be older than Morty in only about a day. Naughty Mikuni Maisaki tries toys in the sex shop Mikuni Maisaki works in an adult shop. Today she comes at job wearing some very short jeans and a T-shirt with a generous cleavage. After she arrives, her boss asks her to the job outfit on and to arrange some new stuff.

It sold so poorly that it was cancelled after 10 issues the story was planned for at least Chick Tracts are meant to appeal to people other than evangelical Protestants. However, the target audience is automatically alienated by the central messages promoting religious fundamentalism, decrying the "evil" of the Catholic Church, comparing people who think Evolution is a sound theory to Nazisetc. Barbara Slate's Angel Love series folded after eight issues and a special.

Its cute cartoonish artwork and style of writing clashed with Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita subjects it was dealing with: Archie Meets the Punisherobviously. Readers of one tend not to be readers of the other. Predator fared much better.

Archie Comics had a hurdle to cross due to this. It's a reboot of the Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita Archie Comics without its signature art-style and with Lady wants sex tonight Seale emphasis on plot.

It doesn't have the pick-up-and-read, nostalgic element of the original. Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog: Penders also penned an earlier special which was packaged as Sonic Live! The series is one big artifact from when Sonic was low on canon material to go off of.

Even when it tried to add game elements in the s, the comic was still extremely different from game canon. Its many plot and characterization differences, along with its dozens of Canon Foreigner characters, are why the series has such a mixed reception amongst fans who got into the series after the Dreamcast era.

Horny Ladies Looking For A Northshore Fuck

Attempts to combine highbrow literature with hardcore porn comics tend to fall under this trope. Audiences generally approach each genre with entirely different expectations and purposes in mind.

Port Manteaux Word Maker

Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita was an X-Men miniseries called The Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita X-Men that turned a lot of people, especially those who don't like Wolverineoff by attempting to retcon that he, and not Professor Xavier, was the first person to found a mutant superhero wo,an and even worse, that the Professor was a self-hating mutant during that time. Critics generally found it an utterly bizarre vanity project for writer Neal Adams, while fans felt it was a bad attempt to cash in on the last two X-Men films by combining their premises together, and it's never been mentioned since.

The irony is Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita Adams has stated at signings that he hated working on it, as it was heavily subject to Editorial Mandates and Vetos. The second volume of Secret Avengers ended up as something like this. The premise is that SHIELD forms its own team of Avengers, but to keep them from revealing their secrets, they undergo a mindwipe after their missions, which was off-putting due to the grey morality of such a tactic and apparent attempts to amp the feel of the MCU with the book's promotional material.

Still, the series Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita a small audience thanks to the fact it explored the moral implications of the concept, had a quirky sense of humor, used underused-though-well liked characters War MachineQuakeMockingbirdand Taskmaster casal, and had generally good writing. The series ended after 16 issues so the writer could move Housewives wants sex tonight KS Madison 66860 Avengers World.

The third volume qualifies even more: Many fans dropped the book, and it was cancelled after 15 issues. To sum it up: Marvel's " Most Wantz Hero " loses his very aged mother-figureand discovers that he can't fix it. He makes Housewives want sex Cave Arkansas responsible decision and gets his beloved wife to qants to delete their entire marriage complete with unborn childvia an under-examined deal with the most deceitful and evil Reality Warper he can find.

The comic was released in The '90slong after such an idea became downright laughable. This may have been part of the reason Gail Simone 's The Movement didn't last very long despite good reviews.

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A comic series about a group of morally dodgy protagonists becoming vigilantes, who are also Cllarita new characters and thus Naughyt have previously Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita audience love to carry them. It was also very politicized which is a frequent turn-off for some comic readers. Simone herself has commented that, in hindsight, the book was a very difficult concept to sell and was lucky to get as far as it did.

Jonathan Hickman's run on New Avengers struggles with this; since Grey and Gray Morality and heroes being forced to do morally questionable things is a major theme, it's developed a reputation as being little more than an ongoing series of displays of how morally bankrupt the protagonists are.

Only so many people can enjoy seeing beloved heroes like Black Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita and Mr. Fantastic acting Nughty super villains. While the book sold fairly well, it was arguably more due to it's place as a cornerstone of the highly-publicized Secret Wars crossover than Nottingham fuck dating the characters or story.

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A big watns of the problem is that other groups aside from the protagonists are depicted as coming up with solutions to the story's big conflict that don't involve doing horribly amoral things. Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita has cawual an awkward situation where people like Doctor Doom are seen by fans as doing a better job at being heroes than the actual heroes.

Any case of a superhero becoming a Legacy Character has the potential to be this.

Divorced Couples Searching Flirt Free Sex Sites

Essentially, the writer is asking the reader to forget about the hero they've followed and become attached to and instead read about some new Naugghty who may only be tangentially related to the original hero.

If the writer can't do enough to make the readers care about the new character quickly, people will turn away because they see no reason to follow the story if the protagonist they cared about is gone.

Hot Woman Wants Sex Tonight Elk Grove Village

Naugyty Examples of Affirmative Action Legacy have this even worse, as they are frequently accused of being a Creator's Pet so that the writer can wlman off how progressive they are, whether or not that is the case. Branching off from the Women want sex East Rochester point, practically Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita superhero has become a "Legacy" character by this point, and this can lead to instances of characters with already-beloved or appreciated gimmicks being shoehorned into another identity for the name recognition and sales.

This can also have the effect of "reducing" other roles or making them arbitrarily subordinate to the "Legacy" of another.

Dan Jurgens' Teen Titans series from which replaced all of the cast members from New Teen Titans with new characters and inexplicably turned The Atom into a teenager.

Unfortunately, the comic put extremely heavy emphasis on how much of a jerk the new Ant-Man was while failing to play up his Hidden Heart of Gold ; Marvel's Naughty woman wants casual sex Santa Clarita didn't help, selling Naughry comic with the tagline "The World's Most Unlikable Superhero".

Non-fans of Ant-Man were driven away, while Ant-Man fans left out of disgust at the thought of such a douche taking over the title.