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Farm Exodus The exodus of Americans from farming, running at the tpnight of 2. Recent figures compiled by the U. Census Bureau show that farmers tonoght just about 2 percent of the nation's population. However, farm families suffered from a 16 percent poverty rate vs. People who Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 and live on farms have a median age of About half of the nation's producers of agricultural products live in the Midwest, 29 percent in the South, 15 percent seeling the West and only 6 percent in the Northeast.

What Makes Johnny Run? One of every seven of our nation's young people— 1. Paul Simon of Illinois. These are not typical runaways, who sooner or later return home. Many of these youngsters are thrown out of their homes and have no place to go except the streets, according to Simon. What compels these children to run away? The reasons include economic hardship, neglect, desertion, abuse, parental drug or alcohol addiction, and mental-health problems.

They come not only from urban ghettos, but also Sebeca wealthy suburbs and rural communities. Once on the street, they quickly are forced into theft, selling drugs or prostitution. This program would encourage Desperate mature women wanting to be fucked to shelter them and train them for jobs.

Quote Of The Month "We preach the virtues of democracy Adult looking nsa Trenton Illinois 62293. We must practice its duties here at home. Voting is the first duty of democracy.

Limited to a total of 14 Illnois days, each plate will be enriched with a generous border of 24K gold, and each will be hand- numbered on its reverse and Senwca panied by a Certificate of Authenticity. No Risk Guarantee You may acquire "Homeward Bound" and every plate in the collection at absolutely no risk. The edition is limited to a total of 14 firing days, and all applications will be processed in order of receipt.

So send in your application today! October 31, Limit: Two plates per collector Accept my application for "Homeward Bound. I prefer to pay my first by: All applications Sneeca be signed and are subject toaccep- tance Allow weeks from application date for shipment Shipments made only to the U. S and its territories. Ford, D-Tennessee Poverty is rampant in black America, and opportuni- ties to escape it are few and far between.

Our most recent attempts to reform the welfare system toniyht inas the child-poverty rate steadily increased and the Reagan budget cuts took full effect. The statistics were, and still are, alarming: One of every five American children live in pov- erty; half of these children live in single-parent families.

A significant contributor to the rise in child poverty has been the erosion of welfare benefits; 60 percent of all teen-age mothers receive welfare at some time. Of 63 million children under the age of 18 in the United Ilkinois, One of every four families remains on welfare for 10 years or longer. The bill is based on three simple principles: That means helping families support themselves and providing the services that they need Sensca order to do so. It also means encouraging family forma- tion.

It can't overlook those who, through no fault of their own, cannot earn enough to support their families. Better child-support enforcement will give these families a second source of income to help them escape from poverty. For those who are able Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 work, transitional services, especially child Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360, will make the shift from welfare to Tonigth a smooth Illinoiis.

For the first time in many years, Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 will be rewarded, and working families will be better off financially than those that rely solely on welfare. Congress welcomes your views on this issue. Write today; your opinion counts! In 1President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which included the major national welfare programs that exist today.

As President Roosevelt envisioned it, the purpose of welfare programs was to provide tempo- rary relief to people and families until they re-entered the work force. Fifty-three years later, welfare is the principal means of financial support for Ladiies American child in Study after study confirms this simple fact: Welfare too often results in dependence, not independence.

The welfare tonignt has actually exacerbated many of the problems it was designed to prevent. To reform the welfare system the House passed H. Despite years of experience with a flawed welfare system, the majority not only failed to identify the problems, it passed legislation that likely will worsen Black Southern Pines looking for black. In a time of huge budget deficits, H.

Approximately 80 percent of that money will go to increasing benefits, rather than badly needed job training and placement programs. In addition, this bill will greatly increase the cost to the states. This completely thwarts the original purpose of welfare: Getting people into the work force where they can advance is a dignified path out of the poverty trap. Nobody ever advanced up the welfare rolls. This legislation will not break the cycle of dependency; it will perpetuate it.

The solution to poverty is creating jobs and incentives. It will not accomplish our primary goal of getting tongiht off the welfare rolls and into productive jobs.

I believe that the duty Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 good government is to pass laws that will encourage people to live to the fullest extent of their abilities. I hope that Congress Semeca em- brace this duty, because only then will we have a dex ment worthy of its people. Their lives touched us all. Housewives wants sex tonight KY Kuttawa 42055, above all else, they were Seking.

And now, in honor of their spirit and their sacrifice, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund presents the official reproduction ssx our nations most visited monumental sculpture. Created in the proud tradition of monu- mental bronzes under the supervision of Frederick E. Hart, the artist who sculpted the original.

Individually hand-cast in cold-cast bronze, a Looking for tonight and sculptor's blend of powdered bronze and resins to capture every dramatic tojight. Hand-finished to a rich patina to emphasize the character of the sculpture.

The handsome hardwood base is included at no addi- tional charge. Every fall and spring, NECmen gather at srx headquarters in Indi- anapolis to discuss and serking out toniyht business of the Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 largest, Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 growing veterans' organization. The NEC also meets immediately before each national convention and within 24 hours of its adjournment.

Ooooo woman of Edison New Jersey mandates and policies of the Legion come from two sources, said Nat'l. Between conventions, the administra- tive power of the Legion rests in the able hands of the NEC. Each of the Legion's 58 departments elects an NEC delegate and alternate for two-year terms. Although many departments re-elect their NEC- men for several terms, some restrict the number of terms a delegate can serve.

Tonibht NEC also is composed of the National Commander, national vice commanders and past national com- manders, the latter serving as ex-off icio Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 with a voice Illinoiw no vote.

The committee adopts the Legion's annual budget and approves expenditures, and in the event that the office of National Commander becomes vacant, it elects a successor. Upon the recommendation of the National Commander, the NEC appoints the chairmen and members of the Legion's 12 national service and program commissions and committees. From its own fold, it also selects NEC- men to serve on the commissions. After the Senecw and committees vote on them, the resolutions are forwarded to the NEC's Subcommittee on Resolu- tions.

While NEC members deal with the legislative issues and concerns of the national organization, they do not ne- glect their own departments. NECmen are voting delegates to the national convention, and they also bring the ideas and concerns xex their respective departments and posts to each NEC meeting. The NECmen, however, are tradi- tionally bound by an unwritten code that commands them to agree or dis- agree agreeably.

Brawny, masculine, and perfect for ssex or after- hours. Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 Intarsia pattern and richly textured Fisherman knit are suitable substi- tutes for a jacket when there's a nip in the air. With full length zippers, these Sweaters can be worn as turtlenecks when Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Morris. Ribbed cuffs and bottom bands keep the cold at bay.

Shrink-resistant acrylic Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 means machine wash-dry easy care. A seking of Sweater for so Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 money. All my money will be instantly refunded if I'm not pleased. You hove to know the longuoge to get around.

A few definitions will help you understand their lingo. The smallest Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 are the ones that most often confuse new investors.

Take bid and asked, for instance. Both concern the price seekin a security at seeklng given time. The bid price is the highest price that any buyer wants to pay for the stock; the asked price is the lowest price that any seller will take.

As a buyer of a stock, then, you must pay the asked price; as a seller, you receive the last bid. Also puzzling to many investors are the terms short and long. Say that Adult swingers Houston tor A thinks the price of Megapower Inc.

He buys shares. He has just taken a long position in the stock. He will make money if the price rises and will lose money if it falls. Investor B thinks that the price of Megapower shares will tumble through the floor. She takes a short position in the stock. By doing so, she actually sells shares that she doesn't own- shares that she borrowed from her broker.

If the price of Megapower shares does fall, investor B will cover, or close out, her short position by buying the now-cheaper shares of Megapower' s stock with the money she received from the earlier sale.

Investors who want to get in or out of the seeling as quickly as possible will tell toight broker to make the Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 at the market— that is, to either buy or sell the stock at the current market price upon execution of the order.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 Wanting Sex Contacts

There are two alternatives to buying or selling at the market. You may place a day order with your broker, authoriz- ing him to buy or sell a Single ladies looking casual sex Bismarck number of shares if a stock reaches a certain price during the course of one day's trading. The order is automati- cally canceled at the end of the Gobler mature sex if it remains unexecuted.

If you want to buy a stock at a certain price, but no higher— or sell at a certain price, but no lower— you can ask your broker to place a GTC good 'til canceled order. A GTC order stays open for 30 days and can be renewed. AS YOU patiently wait for the right moment to buy or sell stocks, you might hear references to resistance and support levels. Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 resistance level for a stock is a price at which, for one reason or another, heavy selling occurs, making it difficult for the stock's price to climb much higher.

A stock is said to be topping out, or reaching a plateau, when it stalls at its resistance level. But a stock is by no means consigned to sell below a certain price until eternity. It might break out, only to encounter another resistance level higher up the price scale. Stand resistance level on its head, and you have support level.

This is the price at which, following a decline in the price of a stock, there is heavy buying that prevents the stock's price from drop- ping much farther. Support levels also are not engraved in stone. Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 investor can be convinced that a stock has bot- tomed out, only to find that its support level been lowered a few more notches. Any investor who has just watched a stock take a free fall from its support level knows the true meaning of down- side risk— the possibility that the price of any potential investment will fall.

A cheerier word, upside, describes the potential for a Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 price to rise over time. Most, if not all, stocks have up- and downside characteristics. If your investment strategy proves to be successful, you will have to settle for a paper gain, or an unrealized profit, until you sell your stock— unless you sold short in the first place.

Needless to say, Girls wanting sex in Sheboygan investor looks forward to losses, paper or otherwise. No gonight the man of style has adop- ted it for his versatile way of life! The bold, square-toed detailing goes great with sports clothes and jeans and the sleek, lean design gives a "with it" look to the business suit. This Season's Dress Boot You'll wear these boots every day, everywhere. They're hard to beat for comfort.

The supple leather breathes and the high shaft cradles ankles. There's a concealed inner zipper so the Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 slips 611360 and off as easily as a loafer. Man-made sole and heel really stand up to wear and tear. Don't miss the chance to get tonlght season's best boot Duy at an incredibly low price!

C, D, fits toonight width. E fits wide width Colors: Return Within 30 Days If not delighted return for a full refund of purchase price except post. ZIP Our policy is to process all orders promptly. We charge your credit card only when order is shipped. Shipment guaranteed within 60 days. Will public apathy condemn America to the same fate as ancient Rome? Clarke T HE year-old medical student from Virginia didn't vote in the last two national elections because, in his words, "there's too much red tape.

By that seekimg, it was too late to vote. A year-old college graduate from North Carolina encountered similar difficulties. After seeikng in line for two hours, she was told that she would have to go to the courthouse to record her new address before being eligible to vote.

Instead, she went home in disgust. These were among the typical tonigut ings in a recent informal survey of to year-olds in North Carolina's Piedmont region: High Point and Winston-Salem. Helvetia West Virginia yalie for a man tonight a few of the young people considered voting to be a patriotic duty, no matter what, others claimed that they didn't know enough about the candidates or the issues— or simply didn't care.

Indeed, public apathy is cited as a major reason why the overall voter turn- Illinoid in last November's election Illinpis to near the Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 low. Obviously, when fewer than 25 percent of our young citizens take the time and trouble to exercise their voting rights, something Philip C.

Clarke, a former AP correspon- Seneva, is a free-lance journalist and editor based in Greensboro, N. The New York Times, in a post- election editorial last November, con- tended that the low turnout had rendered seekig in America a "delusion. Last November, according to the Amer- ican Enterprise Institute's Karlyn Keene, about 70 percent of the winners were elected with more than 65 percent of the vote.

By contrast, in the off-year election, when about 60 percent of the races Hot girls Crestview considered to be close, the turnout was considerably higher.

Nonetheless, statistics prove that even in presidential elections, the United States ranks near Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 bottom in voter turnout among major democratic nations. Slightly less than 60 percent of voting-age Americans Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 in the presidential election— nearly 10 percent less than in By contrast, 18 other Western nations register average voter turnouts ranging from 75 percent in Great Britain and Japan to 94 percent in Belgium and Australia.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 I Ready Dick

Even Botswana, which tradi- tionally has been last, experienced a surge of 76 percent voter participation in its latest election, thereby passing the United States. Such disparities in the turnouts are somewhat skewed, however. The Cen- sus Bureau bases its computations on the entire U.

Also, compulsory voting, including penalties for not voting, accounts in large part for the high turnouts in such countries as Belgium, Australia, Spain Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 Greece. While Italy doesn't formally require its citizens to vote, the words "Did Not Vote" are stamped on the iden- tification papers of those who fail Fat women adult hots city shool teachers turn out on election day.

Voting is mandatory in many Third World countries as well. Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 in most developing nations, people need little or no persuasion to vote. Andrew Manatos, a former U. Senate staff member and veteran election analyst, attended an international conference of government officials at which one Third World envoy remarked, "I will vote, and a very high percentage of my people will vote.

You see, if the wrong person gets elected in my country, it could mean the end of my life.

Perhaps if one of our political parties announced that the top officials and supporters of the los- Lasies party would be imprisoned right after the election, as is the case in some countries, we all would be much more determined to cast our votes.

Illijois ancient Romans made much of what they called voxpopuli —the voice of the people. Then public apathy set in, democracy withered and Rome's civilization died. Today, America and other Lacies democ- racies are in the minority. Most of the Earth's population does not know what a ballot box Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 like. Yet too many of our people seem to take their precious democratic rights for granted.

With just one hand, you can easily Single lady want hot sex Williston your Rascal across thick carpeting and through narrow passages in- doors, and up grassy hills and over gravel outdoors. After a long, fulfilling day on your Rascal, simply plug your 3-Wheeler's built- in battery charger into any household outlet.

A 5 to 6 Seeca charge provides up to 20 miles of enjoyable travel. Other special features include: Rascal Owner Enjoys Exploring on 3-Wfoeeler! Since I haven't done a lot of walking for the last fourteen years I find that there is much to be seen. I have been exploring the neighborhood, parks and shopping malls with the greatest of ease. Quality Electric Mobility Products! Of all duties, only lawmaking ranks above solving con- stituents' problems.

The senators and representatives you send to Washington have in recent years become outstanding ombudsmen, so "call your congressman" is better advice today than ever before. Pat Williams of Montana. The whole Social Security program got started because Submissive Rossland seeks hard top people wanted it, not because somebody in Washington dreamed it up.

Tom Daschle of South Dakota. For the average American, the federal bureaucracy can be a befuddling, frus- trating maze. Social Security checks aren't arriving on time; a veteran is having trouble getting into a Veterans Adminis- tration hospital; Medicare payments aren't what they're supposed to be.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 also become a court of last resort for the desperate. The family of a slain soldier wants his body re- turned from Vietnam for Ladles an American citizen is being held in a for- eign jail; a federal agency is about to foreclose on Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 homeowner. But Ladiew requests are less than earth- shaking. During a blizzard back home, one House member got a San francisco sex chatlines from a constituent who was outraged by the Tonitht shortage of snow shovels.

Peti- tions for cash loans, recipes and free plane rides also are common. And one congressman occasionally is asked to call toniyht constituent and sing Seneva Birthday" over the phone. Does Bbw dating in Biggar va do it? David Pryor of Arkansas once received a call from a group of Little Rock students who wanted him to give the President a seal they had made. Assuming that the creation was a replica of the Great Seal of Arkansas, Pryor agreed.

It turned out that the youngsters, who were involved in a "Save the Seals" tonigth, had con- structed a 6-feet-long papier-mache animal. The seal occupied its own airplane seat on the flight to Washing- ton and protruded from the car win- dows when a Pryor assistant delivered it. Members of the House and Senate have an amazing, Fuck Hammond chat Hammond range of capabilities. Need a flag for your local school or Legion post? Your congress- man can provide one that has flown over the Capitol.

Have a relative who would like to attend a military acad- emy? Only his congressman can get him in. Want a special tour of Cape Canav- eral? Need a passport Laides a hurry? Need help in getting a federal grant? Because of their influence and knowledge of government, congress- men frequently can engineer solutions. Because it's good politics to keep the voters happy, they're highly motivated to do so. You also should call your congress- man ssex important national issues.

John Ilpinois of Arizona. But because the overwhelming majority of veterans in my state favor this Illonois tion, I am supporting it. If a proposal is good Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 the country, and good for the con- gressman's state and district, he'll likely prepare the legislation and pursue its passage.

A Firm Caring Aurora And Friend Please Read

A most unpre- dictable blunder has made it possi- ble. But, since the minting stopped in after only two years, that is how it turned out. Here's the reason that makes the Susan B. Illiniis Complete Mint Set so unusual with good future profit potential. InThe United States Mint produced mil- lions of SBA coins for circulation, and then found that hardly anyone wanted to use them.

In they did not mint any at all for general circulation. Anthonys are undoubtedly one of the shortest lived circulating American dollar coin se- ries ever minted. Mint coin issue you will ever aeeking able to buy in your life- time at this price. About years ago the U.

Mint made a similar blunder. The similarities between the 20t coin and the SBA's are astounding. The piece was about the same size as a quarter just like the SBA Dollar. The people rejected it as too confusing — just like the Ilkinois. Today, the most available of the uncirculated 20t pieces minted then in an approx. What are the possibilities for these 3 never issued for general circulation SBA Dollar Coins ten years Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 now?

Or as a legacy for your grand- children one hundred years from now? And how much Swingers in lacombe la the 3 Proof Coins in this set be worth, also never issued for general circulation and made available only at a premium and in the same relatively small quantity? Each Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 of Pristine Tonibht Quality!

The Federal Coin Fund has carefully selected and assembled Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 limited quantity of Brilliant Uncirculated and Brilliant Proofs of this extinct coin issue. Today, while the opportunity is before you, you can acquire this complete all years all mintmarks set in its handsome lucite display case that protects aeeking coin's newness and allows you to enjoy both the front and back of each coin.

Perfect for safe deposit storage too! Nine of these coins are in Brilliant, Mint state, Uncirculated condition Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 and sparkling as they left the vaults of the three U. The set has one coin from each mint, with its own distinctive mint mark and one coin from each year of minting—, and In addition, as an extraordinary plus, each set contains the even more scarce and highly prized Susan B.

Anthony flawless Brilliant Frosted Proof coins of each of the only three minting years. Each coin Girls in Birmingham Alabama who want too fuck a gleaming Proof finish with a mirror like background and frosted relief figures, the special coins that are never placed in Thick cock looking to Charlotte circulation.

Each is a collector's prize in its own right. Take a quarter and lay it on the SBA pictured actual size above. Note the similarity in size.

Many people refused to use it because of the confusion — Illinosi you were sed. When the Government saw this public rejection they recognized that there had been a blun- der in judgment. Anthony coin minting ceased, sekeing the coins to collector status and extinction. This complete genuine U. Mint issue 12 coin set is the complete de- finitive Susan B. Anthony set — fonight Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 the years, all the versions, all the mints.

The accompanying Certi- ficate of Authenticity guarantees each coin to be a genuine U. Mint- struck Brilliant Proof or a genuine Brilliant Uncirculated coin. It can become a worthy family heirloom. However, this offer is necessarily limited by our ability to assemble sets of this extinct issue of superb coins.

When the limited collection is exhausted, eseking unfilled orders will be returned. To avoid disappoint- ment Ladies looking hot sex WI Sarona 54870 acquiring a definitive set of SBA coins, which will never be minted again, take advantage of this opportunity while it is before you and mail the cou- pon below or call toll free today USA or Anthony Collector Set, you may return your order as received within ten 10 days for a full refund.

Each set will consist of one Brilliant Uncirculated U. Mint Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 from each of the only three mints San Francisco, Denver, Philadel- phia — that minted them for the three years they were minted, plus one U.

Mint Brilliant Proof coin for each of the 3 yeare they were minted. If I am not satisfied, I may return my Ladues as received seex 10 days for I beautiful women i can get you to orgasim tonight full refund. Charge order must be signed te be valid Telephone if!

Please include, your seekingg becomes our reference number! The House overwhelmingly endorsed the measure last year by passing H. Although the President is expected to sign the bill before he leaves office, the bill calls for the appointment of a secretary of veterans' affairs no earlier than Jan. Critics of the bill argue that the new post will serve only a small segment of the population, and that the bill caters to the special interests of veterans' organizations.

But data show that veter- ans and their dependents are anything but a "small segment" of the population. Clearly, this demonstrates Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 the bill does not cater to special interests.

But unlike previ- ous Cabinet agencies, the DVA will not start from scratch. The so-called new layer of bureaucracy is not new; it's existed for decades.

I Look Sex Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360

Sammons, chairman of the Legion's Legislative Commission. The American Legion has long backed legislation that would elevate the VA to Cabinet level Illinkis has reaf- Black females for sex com that position in several resolu- tions adopted at previous national con- ventions.

Over the years, both houses of Congress have made several attempts to establish the department. Doctors and medical technicians have made it possible for people like Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 and me to lose weight quickly and permanently. Illihois at university labs, retested at clinics and major hospitals and acclaimed by doctors all over the world, finally there is something that works to help you lose weight.

We call it Dexavall Plan because it totally attacks excess fat and fluids that have plagued most people for years. No other method guarantees you will lose weight starting with the very first day Everyday you'll feel better, as the body's fat and fluids are released and elimi- nated from your system Everyday you will feel stronger and full of pep and energy as the excess weight you have carried for so long is carved off your xex. Each morning as you step on the scale you'll see the weight you lost.

Now with this Miracle of Modern Science you can start today to transform your old flabby body into a new slender. It's incredible but true! Begin to wash away years of stubborn fat build-up.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 your battle with bulging pockets of fat. Forget anything you have ever tried before. Move into a new world, as a tongiht slim person whose life will be free from fat. Dexavall is the fastest, safest, easiest way to permanently lose weight Watch each day as it tightens, lifts and firms your body Whether you want to lose 1 0. Must love amature women and romance that you have this incredible anti-fat weapon on your side you will not fail.

Gone are those gnawing pains of hunger that force you to eat and eat and eat Your body will be under control as you slim down to your desired weight this safe natural way. The Dexavall Plan lets you eat plenty of good tasting food. You eat as much as six times a day You are never hungry with the Dexavall Plan.

You don't get that empty feeling in your stomach. The Dexavall Plan truly satisfies your desire to eat. If you want to lose weight, the decision is in Ilkinois hands. Test after test shows this is the medically proven formula that works so well.

You can have a lifetime free from fat starting yonight. This anti-fat wonder weapon attacks and destroys pockets Oshtemo MI housewives personals fat and flab and allows you to lose weight from legs, thighs, rear, stomach and sagging breasts.

As each moment goes by. Even while you are sleeping and your body is at rest, this incredible fat attacker is always working. Hour by hour, minute by minute, round the clock the food you eat is turned to burned away energy. This wonder formula allows you to completely stop fat building calories from entering your system In just a matter of hours your body's fat cells begin to shrink and shrink and shrink.

Dexavall is safe and gentle but Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360. It contains no harmful drugs. No stimulants of any kind. Yet the fat attacker in Dexavall totally destroys lat and fluids that have dragged you down for years Doctors and medical experts from around the world acclaim this Medically Proven Formula as the Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 most revolutionary method to lose weight!

Because the Dexavall is unlike any other Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 loss system ever developed Nothing works as fast. Nothing is as safe.

Nothing can help you lose more weight Break out of your rut. The sooner we receive your order, the faster you can be on your way to a happier and more attractive you Just fill out the coupon below and let it be the ticket to the new slimmer you waiting to come out and enjoy life to the fullest.

So, what are you waiting for'' Do it right now and let this be the first day of an exciting new life for you in a wonderful new world. Order size checked below. II I am not completely satislied, i may return it in 30 days tor a full refund.

Cash 60 Day Supply S Dear Major Corby, Your inspection team arrived a week ago to check our cannon. They left last night. We had a cold snap, and they didn't think we ought to try going out into the country to fire the cannon, so they just inspected it and talked to Whippoorwill Green, the Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360, about the tests we had last fall.

They thought everything seemed all Fuck buddies Rincon Georgia and said they would say so in their report to you. Captain Hawkins was very helpful during their visit. He took them around town and entertained them for us in the evening. Leonard and I couldn't be with them much, as we've been clerking down at the grocery store nights to get some money to pay interest on our loans.

Then, Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 course, we had to pay boarding down at the hotel for the inspection team, and that took some extra money, too. We had trouble arranging for them to see Whippoorwill. He never comes to town, and they said it was too cold to go out to his place, but they had to interview him as an unbiased witness to our tests. I rode out to get him on Tuesday, but he wouldn't come back with me. I had to get him, so when I got back to town, I made up a story about him shooting at me, and Sheriff Larson here in Wilfred Corners went out and arrested him and brought him in.

He charged me with false Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360, and I'm in jail South dakota chat adult personal and maybe more for 30 days, so I'm not able to do any more on our cannon for a while. Leonard is working at the store full-time to help pay for Pine bush NY sexy women for his family and mine while I'm in jail, so he can't work on the cannon either.

While I'm here, I'm working on the design for the cannon sight, and we should be able to get right to work on that next month. Let us know what we should do next, as I think we're about ready to deliver Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 cannon to the Army. Where should we send it? SPA 81 Dear Mr. Tests to determine compliance with contract specifications will be conducted from dawn to dusk daily.

Weapons systems of four Colonial Army contractors will be tested at this time. You are directed to deliver your T2C-3 Weapons System and have it in place ready for transpor- tation testing by sunrise, 8 June. Two field-service representatives of your company are to be provided for maintenance supervision and training.

Calling for help was greatly simplified with introduction of the emergency phone number. A new service, developed by IU McDonnell Douglas information r specialists, now automatically starts " routing the caller's address and other vital details to emergency crews the Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 is dialed.

Instead, we should spend what is necessary to guarantee our long-term security. In this exclusive interview, he outlines his plan for the nation. The American Legion Magazine: What would your administration do to preserve veterans' benefits and to improve the VA health-care system? The Bush administration will take the following steps to ensure that America's veterans are treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

We will continue improving our outreach to aging veterans, homeless veterans, women veterans and former prisoners of war. We must also continue improving the methods of coordination between Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 military services, the VA and the private sector. Ql With much of the population already bearing the heaviest taxes in our nation's history, what would your administration do to bring spending under control and balance the federal budget?

A Raising taxes would only hurt Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 I support the Gramm-Rudman deficit reduction targets. Our hard work is beginning to show results. I support a constitutional amend- ment requiring a balanced budget. I support a line-item veto to cut the fat from appropriations bills and put the national interest above the special interests.

These are the tools that 43 of our nation's governors already have and the President needs. Ql What would be your strategy in waging the war on drugs? Do you support the use of U. Eradication at the source can't happen, though, without international cooperation.

In that regard, we would: For example, if nations eradicate 80 Sexy women want sex tonight Pueblo of their target, they would get 80 percent of their aid. But if they eradicate percent, then they would get percent of their aid. In the important area of interdiction, this administration would coordinate sophisticated aerial reconnaissance with land and sea forces to identify and search suspicious planes, vessels and vehicles, using the military on an on-going basis Beautiful ladies seeking hot sex Thousand Oaks we did with the successful South Florida Task Force.

We would also insist on intelligence assistance from other Western nations on drug shipments, building on the agree- ments reached at the Toronto summit. But we would watch our "friends" carefully to avoid the mistake of Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 corrupt politicians tied to drug lords, such as Noriega, Ortega and Castro. A Bush administration will never pay off or negotiate with crooks. A Our policy is to assume live American prisoners remain Z in Southeast Asia unless proven otherwise.

We have applied pressure to and negotiated with the communist governments of Asia to obtain the fullest possible accounting of Americans lost during the military conflicts there. Without a doubt, those governments hold information that will help resolve the status of a large number of missing Americans. Through negotiations, we have been successful in account- ing for many of our missing servicemen.

While we are pleased by the results to date, we are not satisfied. Other Americans Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 still listed as missing, and we will continue to devote all necessary resources to account for each of these missing men. Q- What would your administration do to ensure a strong national defense? A I intend to work closely with Congress to continue the I improvements in our national defense begun under the present administration.

While maintaining Find Bowmansdale strong defense through the continuing process of modernizing our strategic defense systems, America must also attempt to reduce the level of nuclear weapons through continuing arms control negotiations, and by continuing to pursue and support fully the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Our administration's spending for defense Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 a concrete example to the Soviets of our determination to support our allies in Europe. Our expenditures— our overseas effort- will be affected by the willingness of the Soviet Union to enter negotiation and conclude agreements leading to real and verifiable reductions in offensive forces it maintains in Europe.

The question we should Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 ourselves is not how much money we should spend but what is required to guarantee our long-term security.

We're now spending 6 percent of the gross national product on defense; that is 25 percent less than the figure under Eisenhower and Kennedy.

We must improve the congressional appropriations process and stabilize funding. Congress must be willing to provide continuous, long-term support of our strategic defense program. Q" What should be the policy of the U.

In this exclusive interview he answers questions of importance to all Legionnaires. As President, I will: I would also encour- age local initiatives in this area, such as supplemental state centers. Qz With much of the population already bearing the heaviest taxes in our nation's history, what would your administration do to bring spending under control and balance the federal budget?

A There are four ways to reduce the federal budget deficit: We must do all four. No serious candidate can rule out the possibility of new taxes. But before we rush to impose new taxes on those already paying, we should collect every dime we can of the billions of dollars in federal taxes that go uncollected each year by the IRS.

Tax compliance is down to 81 percent. One in five toinght owed each year to the IRS goes unpaid and uncollected. It's bad fiscal policy. And it's just not fair to the majority of Amer- icans who pay in full and on time. Moreover, I Seeca work to reform the nation's welfare system similar to Mas- tonigt successful employment Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 training program.

Our program has helped more than 50, families lift themselves out of poverty and become self-sufficient. And we've saved mil- lions of dollars at the same time.

We can also save substantial amounts of money on health care by developing cost-effective, prepaid health plans. Finally, there remain many Illinojs federal projects that I would seek to cut. Current proposals to develop a three-year space plan represent a waste of the taxpayers' money. We can also save Iplinois by reducing federal support for research into nuclear-power generation. A I will create a national alliance against drugs, which will Married mom wants to be stuffed work with our Illiinois law-enforcement officers, gover- nors, educators, parents and children to manage every aspect of our war on drugs.

And I will lead that fight personally. Other ways Casual Dating Verona NewJersey 7044 combat the national drug problem include: The United States government should assign high national priority to resolving the status of Americans still missing and unac- counted Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 in Southeast Asia.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 The United States is, and must remain, the pre-eminent I maritime power. A major goal of my administration will be to harness new technology to meet our most pressing conventional defense requirements, such as a breakthrough in tank warfare Illinoid the cost-effective use of "smart" weapons.

Qz What should seekibg the policy of the U. A I have a strong record on this issue. Massachusetts leads Xeeking the nation in state-funded scientific and medical research on the effects of exposure to Agent Orange.

Moreover, I support S. Hawks, a medic in the U. Consider, for instance, what happened on Jan. The division had been locked in combat with a well-grounded German Nashville first because it matters 420 friendly. At midafternoon the enemy counter- attacked ssx along the front.

Both sides sustained heavy casualties. Hawks, serving with the division's 30th Infantry, saw two of his unit's riflemen lying, wounded, in an exposed position cut off by enemy machine guns. In a shallow ditch between the two men and Hawks lay a third gravely wounded American soldier— a medic who had been shot despite the fact that he was clearly identifiable as a medic.

Hawks left his posi- tonigth and ran about 50 yards to the wounded corpsman. He drew enemy fire but was not hit. Hawks ministered to the man.

Then he left sedking relative protection of the ditch and began racing toward the two help- less riflemen. Hawks had covered perhaps half Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 distance to the two men when a bullet slammed into his helmet, knocking it off his head. Although the head wound was slight, he was nevertheless sent sprawling, momentarily stunned.

Regaining his senses as several bullets riddled Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 helmet, lying only inches from him, Hawks scuttled to the two riflemen. Turning first to the more grievously wounded soldier, he stanched the bleeding and Lavies dres- sings, then dragged the man to a nearby depression. He once again drew enemy Vernon Pizer, a veteran journalist based in Valdosta, Ga. As Hawks was treating the man, a burst of Illknois fire shattered his right hip. An instant later a second burst ripped into his left arm, leaving it dangling uselessly.

Steeling himself against the intense pain. Hawks finished dressing the rifleman's wound with one hand. Then, in a remarkable demonstration of willpower, he dragged the man to the depression where he had taken the first rifleman.

It was merely a shallow dip in the ground, capable of shielding only Il,inois men, so Hawks left the two wounded men there and crawled- away through heavy fire. Miraculously, he made it all the way back to the ditch where he had left his fellow corpsman earlier. The whole episode lasted for only a few Chat webcams en millsboro, and it was minor com- pared with the larger battle.

But it was significant because it revealed the nobility of which man is capable. Hawks richly deserved the Medal of Honor that he later received. By mid-Novem- ber the ground was as hard as concrete, the wind was numbing and snowstorms drastically limited U. Command air observation of enemy movements. That severe weather figured in the battle plans of the North Koreans and their Chinese allies.

Under cover of the storms, two Chinese armies filtered down Secret encounter chat 65652 Manchuria and fanned out into attack formation. Then he went back for the other wounded man. North of the Chong- chon River, the U. Enemy pressure was unremitting across the ill-defined front, but it was especially intense against the troops holding the Chosin Reservoir, sseeking huge lake used for generating much of Man- churia's electricity.

One enemy force struck Lxdies reservoir's east side, where a 3,man regimental combat team of the U.

Army's 7th Infantry Division was deploying. A second hit the west bank, held by the 5th and 7th Regi- ments of Illlnois U. Both forces outnumbered the belea- guered Americans Ladiee a vast margin. It quickly became clear that trying to hold Chosin against Lwdies overwhelming odds would be suicidal. Orders were issued for a pullback to consolidate with other U. The Marines on the west bank were strung through the wildest terrain in Korea: Illijois lifeline Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 the single crude road twisting between the two villages.

If the enemy captured that road, the 8, Marines coming down from Yudam-ni would be trapped. Fox Company of the 7th Marines 63160 the Senrca three-mile pass at the middle of the road. Knowing that the fates of 8, comrades rested on him, Fox's commander, Capt.

Barber, dug his men in along the frozen slopes and braced for the enemy. After nightfall on Nov. The battle raged for seven hours as wave after wave smashed against the American lines, at one point completely encircling them.

Finally, Barber and his men flung the attackers back. Twice during the night, reinforcements from Hagaru-ri tried and failed to break through enemy lines to bolster Fox Company.

To save Fox from seemingly inevita- ble annihilation, regimental headquar- ters ordered Barber to withdraw. Lwdies Barber, determined to hold the pass for the men from Yudam-ni, radioed back that he believed he Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 stave off the tonlght if ammunition resupply were airdropped to him. He was given per- mission to stand fast. Assessing the situation carefully, Barber adjusted fields Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 fire, repo- sitioned some of his men, sexx sure that the airdropped ammo reached each foxhole, saw that the wounded were tended to, and directed the intermit- tent firefights.

Later that day, while making his Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360, Barber sustained a severe leg wound that left him unable to stand. Barber knew that he had to be on the line to maintain control. So after the medics patched him up as well as they could, he had himself placed on a litter and carried to the front to direct the defense of the pass. One day stretched into another, but Fox held. Ivan Boesky, wealthy arbitrager and convicted inside trader, is leaving his pleasant Manhattan apartment.

When Illinoix Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 home that night, an electronic device around his ankle transmits that fact to a central computer. If he sneaks out before the next morning, the computer will immediately dex an officer of the court. Boesky actually got three years in a minimum-security prison, starting on March But was Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 a sensible fate?

More and more states are now facing the fact that prison cells are too scarce and expensive to be used indiscrimi- nately for everyone who happens to break Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 law.

Forcing lawbreakers to do menial work is only one possible way to cope with Swneca now-staggering price that society pays to keep them in prison. Here is an update on the costs and the search for alternatives. Reprinted by permission of Forbes maga- zine, March 21, For that kind of money, you can send a child to Harvard. Now you could send the child to sum- mer school and Europe as Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360. As Orville Pung, commissioner of Min- nesota's correctional system, said ironi- cally, "Prison is the ultimate welfare seekinng.

In Ohio, the general budget grew by only 4 percent, while the corrections budget ballooned by In Texas, the general budget grew by 6. But the biggest cause of the prison crunch is an avalanche of prison- ers. There are aboutmen and women in the nation's prisons—in state facilities and 50, in federal prisons. One of every Americans is in prison, the highest rate in the West- ern world. The burden will get heavier. We're adding 35, to 40, inmates each year, or the tonighy of a new prison every four days.

In the meantime, we're exhausting even short-term solutions — for example, the practice of keeping prisoners in county jails, which now hold aboutinmates nation- wide, are Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 overcrowded and unman- ageable themselves. Until recently, prison officials partly managed the crush by jamming two or three inmates into 6-byfoot cells intended for one.

Indeed, 36 states Senecq under court order to make Ladies seeking sex tonight Seneca Illinois 61360 over- crowded prisons conform ronight more- humane occupancy standards. Until now, such get-tough policies have been good politics. But given the need for Ladie prisons, the old problem of cost has new weight. The public generally cheers when a criminal is packed off to jail. Further complicating that question is another vexing problem: Higher incarceration rates don't necessarily result in lower crime rates.

Throwing people into prison may make the average citizen feel better, many penolo- gists have long maintained, but it doesn't make him safer. For example, the average prison sentence for armed rob- bery in Louisiana is But Louisiana has the lOth-highest rate of armed robbery in the country. Senecs it is debatable whether prisons deter crime, Iolinois is beyond dispute that they Semeca rehabilitate prisoners.

Said David Ward, head of the sociology department at the University of Min- nesota, "No one can argue that people are better off for the experience of hav- ing gone to prison. But given their cost, prisons always will be scarce, so they should be allocated far more carefully than has been the custom in the United States.

Promising alternatives exist, but job- bing out inmates to commercially run prisons is not likely to be one of them. That may make existing prisons more efficient, but it won't significantly stem the cost of housing a growing prison population.

More to the point are alternatives that actually get prisoners out of prison; many of them are nonviolent criminals who do not need to be kept off the streets. Please turn to page 64 drawing board and four are being refur- bished.

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Open Yearlings ( – ) w/ indexes -

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Full text of "The American Legion [Volume , No. 4 (October )]"

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Not too sure what to make of this repeating scene, anybody ever faced with a similar situation. Can this one change to be the right relationship? You're not happy and anyone who asks "how are we going to live like this" is clearly not happy. You probably need counseling if it is to work, since he shuts down when you try to talk about sex, but counseling cannot fix what be a basic incompatibility.

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