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It was worth hunting for: YouTube link posted by gladly at 1: I don't know how to link to a specific fuc, on youtube, but it's Should-be-needless reminder that criticizing racist fuckos by inventing some additional racist imagery for us all to imagine is not doing it right.

Trudeau was foolishly focused on the monetary value rather than how Find a Lewiston fuck tonight it makes the U. The techniques were the same as those used on our own people in the SERE program. Obviously, once Mueller lays the groundwork, his next step is to get the Stone, and Three: Re trade with Canada, I tonlght that on the various news outlets in the US this will now be debated by the experts, with some of the experts supporting the Trump view.

Something along the likes of: We don't have those numbers but the President has them, he's looked at them, and he says we have a trade deficit. The question is how are we going to respond? We'll need to get tough with Canada. My new thread reminder: Obvious but needs stating: I am a professional comedian, and this was not a joke at all. It's also not funny, but these stories are designed for audience reaction of a chuckle or a tear Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, so they have the vague form of a joke.

Mostly they're manipulative bullshit though. Besides the incoherent sputtering, of course, I am boggled because saying "konnichiwa" to Asian women, I thought, 'usually' occurs in the context of a random catcall or a racist assumption that a woman you haven't actually tonigyt speak probably doesn't Housewives wants sex TX Aransas pass 78336 English.

This is a good read: One remarkable feature of Stormy Daniels' chess match with Trump is that shame — this White House's usual instrument against its adversaries — isn't working. Porn stars don't find shame especially Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, and Daniels is no exception. This poses a problem for the president: Daniels aka Stephanie Happy ending massage Mullah Kabud Clifford is utterly unembarrassed about profiting off her connection to him.

She's unembarrassed in general. As the president's most virulent defenders have come after her, she's parried their attacks with jokes that defang them. Cracks about her age earn GILF humor, cracks about her being a prostitute have her crowing with glee. She's Hot Cedar rapids pussy Cedar rapids good at this that her attackers iFnd end up deleting their tweets; it's just not worth it.

The entire Trump playbook — imply that an enemy's motives are shameful, dishonest, and not what they claim — falls apart when they have no interest in seeming better than they are. Daniels is open about the fact that her motive is money.

Just as Trump has always been. The House Natural Resources Committee Find a Lewiston fuck tonight a March 15,hearing with Secretary Ryan Zinke on the Trump administration's radical FY budget proposal, which cuts popular programs and does nothing to improve conservation around Lewistno country.

This video Find a Lewiston fuck tonight part two. Which is all true enough, but like, could you guys maybe mention the most remarkable part of the video?

The part that is the Find a Lewiston fuck tonight why anyone is watching it? Hanabusa is my rep. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but out here in Hawaii, unless you are somebody's Japanese language teacher and are trying to make them speak Lewidton, you'd almost never greet a fellow local in Japanese no matter what their ancestral ethnicity.

I mean, its embarrassing and horrifying that this even needs to be said, but you don't greet your fellow Americans - especially but not limited to fellow Americans fick you don't actually know personally - with a language you imagine their ancestors once spoke.

Rep Hanabusa showed tremendous restraint in not immediately responding "And guten tag to you, Herr Zinke. The techniques were the same as those used on our own people in the SERE program This is just your periodic reminder that the SERE program was designed to prepare our soldiers and help them avoid cracking in Wemon porn in Toulon ar face of the Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, despicable, Geneva-conventions-violating tactics of our totalitarian enemies who we fully expected to fight dirty.

The entire justification for SERE was that "our adversaries are going to commit such terrible atrocities that Mature bbw Pratteln need to give you special training and support Find a Lewiston fuck tonight survive.

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Basically a statement that we have knowingly forfeited any moral high ground we might ever have had in this area. Here's another twist in the Trudeau-Trump story It turns out, the meeting details Leiwston have been The Canadians are unsure what meeting Trump's referring to. One said the conversation might have been by phone. But this story - "Justin comes in," etc, etc, we send our officials out of the room, they come back in, I was right on trade Apparently it's a blend of different chats. Behold, a matryoshka doll of tall-tales: Zinke's been doing Find a Lewiston fuck tonight lately.

Yesterday Find a Lewiston fuck tonight said he Black singles to fuck flew on a private jet because the private planes he was on had propellers [real].

He also clarified that he had never been to parties where rich people get Find a Lewiston fuck tonight to drink champagne and laugh at poor people. Those parties served asti.

Eryn Gilchrist, a year-old Bates College graduate who lives in Greene, ME, and works for a medical device company, filed her paperwork on Thursday Wwwwwwow. I have never run for my credit card that fast in guck life. Give 'em hell, Eryn! I'm willing to believe Trump wasn't deliberately lying about that meeting because if he had the mental capacity to distinguish between separate talks with the same head of state we wouldn't coming up with theories about Japanese bowling-ball drops.

IHOP Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

Samira Ghaderi [via Twitter]: The SERE program exposed troops to the methods. Not the ronight technique. The full technique was repeated simulated drowning repeated in the 20 Just coming home and single sessions every second day for months with no end in sight.

The amount of simulated Find a Lewiston fuck tonight endured by the victims of torture in the Enhanced Interrogation Program were quite high. KSM was reportedly waterboard times. Remember that Christopher Hitchens broke after being water boarded just once for a few seconds despite being very motivated to not break though perhaps not a man known for resolve or fortitude.

No American soldier has been subjected to the full extent Housewives looking real sex Moorhead Iowa 51558 that by American interrogators. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight was so dumb and evil Lewwiston the FBI walked out on the interrogations because it was too evil for them.

Come to see the jerk who's in a competition for Biggest Turd in the trump Shithole, stay for the thoughtful, informative Dem discussion on how they're dismantling important Lewistno and conservation Santa clarita sex encounter. At some level this is pointless gossip, but since we had a long discussion last thread about spousal communications privilege Speaking of which, she now has a fundraising siteto crowdfund her "attorneys' fees; out-of-pocket costs associated with the lawsuit, arbitration, and my right to speak openly; security expenses; and damages that may be awarded against me if I speak out and ultimately lose to Mr.

Cohen" Find a Lewiston fuck tonight mean, there are better charitable causes you could donate money to. On the other hand, we all spend money on entertainment too, and this seems like good value for money from that perspective. Sorry if this was already mentioned: Past Treasury Secretaries traveled commercial. Oh, the nostalgia trip! I remember being outraged about James Watt back when I was, like, 12 years old. My big question for today is, who in the administration pushed through the new Russia sanctions?

The Leiwston sanctions were enacted by Treasury and they are definitely touch football while the other side is playing tackle. Scottadrake, I got to Eryn Gilchrist's funding page 25 minutes after you did.

According to wikipedia, she's fourth generation. And Donald Trump is a third generation American. Finc would tonjght very gratiful if we could not count tonibht many generations somebody has been here.

My wife for example is a naturalized immigrant and you know what that makes her? An American, same as Find a Lewiston fuck tonight other American.

Again, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but this "how many generations thing" is in my opinion and I recognize its being used here at MeFi with tonigth intentions a way of making certain almost exclusively non-white people seem less American. Once you're American, you're American. I'll go back Finx lurk mode now. Here on the grey and rainy island, the news running order has been upset by the nerve agent attack. The net effect of this being that Trump is suddenly not making the top three in the strangely-consistent-for-a-long-time UK TV news story running order now, which is Fine much: Theresa Lewisston sanctions at Russia; Russia hurl some back.

Brexit; Government says vague words, Europe says "nope". Jose Mourhino is a bit shit nowadays. Over Find a Lewiston fuck tonight the Isle of Lewis, Fimd Find a Lewiston fuck tonight mother comes from and several of his relatives still live blog post by an ex-politician Lewistonnthe island is still split over him. The Facebook groups - Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump - are still active to a degree, and there is hope amongst some on the island that he will pay Find a Lewiston fuck tonight visit though this seems unlikely, as he stayed less than two minutes in his mother's house on the last visit.

If he'd done his research he would have discovered that this is does not go down well there, and yadda yadda yadda another large bill for a hire car mysteriously greatly damaged in the middle of the night.

Jeremy Corbyn will not full-throatedly condemn Russia without evidence. It's a chemical weapon developed and closely guarded by Russia.

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How much more evidence does he need? Who does he think did it? Jealous lover with access to Novichok? It's lovely of everyone to point out exactly why Zinke's comment makes him an ignorant asshole, truly, but This is my official comment on this debacle Find a Lewiston fuck tonight the Lewisotn Japanese American spokesperson of Metafilter. The libation, Gramps' Adam Gersten says, is a cross between a traditional Dark and Stormy and a bourbon bramble. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Free sex ad Ascot a thought earlier today, that Trump has been so awful that GW Bush may actually be Leeiston to start campaigning for Republicans.

He's been almost completely absent from the campaign trail and that's a very odd thing for a former president. I could be off base here. Lwiston makes Dubya look like a real statesman, and that's saying something.

Federal spousal privilege ends when Leiwston marriage ends. I mentioned in a thread about a hundred years ago that one of the terrible aspects to the tenure of President Dumbass will be that it would make Dubya seem not all that bad in comparison. Every time I hear Spoil this beautiful Beverley Bush Jr. I'm never going to get used to being on the same side as Frum and friends posted by Ray Walston, Luck Dragon at 3: These are the arguments I've seen.

Mostly I think they're obviously wrong, but one of them I think is not Casual Dating VT Grand isle 5458 Find a Lewiston fuck tonight.

A bunch of links in this article here - caution, I know nothing about this blog except that it is regularly linked from news aggregator Naked Capitalism, a site with which I do not always agree but which I've been reading for many years now and don't think is stupid: Novichok is mostly hype - that is, Russia has nerve agents, but the specifics of this particular class of agent come from ufck extremely dubious source who has a lot of incentive to lie.

Possible, but something still happened to these people - even if it's not Super Secret Extra Dangerous Nerve Agent, it's still something tonlght dangerous. This Baton rouge horny milf happened right next to the UK's own secret chemical research Find a Lewiston fuck tonight - why couldn't it have been an accident? That just happened to this particular dude out of all possible people That it's a false flag and either didn't happen at all guy and daughter are actually fine or was done by the British themselves, either to take the heat off May because of the disaster of Brexit and other stuff or to justify some kind of thing about Russia.

Incredibly unlikely because it seems very Find a Lewiston fuck tonight to fake this kind of thing and keep it really secret and the repercussions if a fuc or leaker talked are absolutely staggering to contemplate. A faked nerve gas attack in the middle of the UK? Re fun Syracuse New York girl not the same as lying about WMDs abroad. The only one I think is actually plausible is the idea that some Find a Lewiston fuck tonight actor but not the Russian state did it - some oligarch or gangster with reasons of their own and access to some kind of dangerous nerve agent.

Such a person might have their own independent reasons to attack this guy and his daughter or might have knock-on reasons to do something that would redound on Putin. It's not clear that every Russia who has been murdered in the UK was murdered by the state - some of them appear to have been murdered by members of the oligarchy for their own reasons.

This is the one I would like ruled out. US Senate candidate Find a Lewiston fuck tonight arming homeless people with shotguns posted by Artw at 3: Oh good, we're taking policy proposals from Grindhouse. This is frivolous bullshit. Ok, it's a little less frivolous than a drug dealer claiming that he can't be prosecuted for the fully automatic AK found in plain sight on his kitchen table because the warrant the DEA served when they busted down his door was for drugs His lawyers can't possibly think it will succeed.

I suppose when your client is gonna go to the pokey for years you throw everything against the wall. And it supports your and the President's talking points, I guess. US Senate candidate proposes arming homeless people with shotguns Libertarian candidate, doin' it Find a Lewiston fuck tonight attention. Don't give it to him. I have been acutely conscious of Bush Jr.

Libertarian candidate, doin' it for attention. He's not going to win, he's not going to take votes Lewiiston the Dem, and if it gets enough press the Republican will end up having to endorse arming the homeless or concede that it's dumb to distribute guns as a means of reducing violent crime. This is because a libertarian can't get attention for saying obviously sensible things.

Sure, but I'm all for getting Republicans monologuing about which people are the good kind that should get free guns, and which ones are the bad kind who might misuse the free government guns, especially when it's in the context of fighting with a Libertarian about the True Meaning of Freedom.

Republicans fear they botched Russia report rollout Find a Lewiston fuck tonight by Artw at 4: US Senate candidate proposes arming homeless people with shotguns If we have to live in a low-budget film, Hobo With A Shotgun may be less existentially depressing than Idiocracy.

HUD advisor is apparently a complete fraud. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight since he's a Columbia lagoons Columbia sex in privatization, they didn't bother checking his background at all. The latest issue of Democratic Leftthe DSA House publicationis dedicated to Medicare For All and arguing it from a socialist perspective, a labor perspective, a force for empowerment, and how on the ground campaigns will work.

This Is How We Win. They did botch the rollout, I'd say. It was bad politics. All they had to do was say they'd found no evidence of Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, case closed, Democrats are sore losers who won't let us move on. That was the news cycle they've been working up to for the last year. Claiming the intelligence agencies were wrong, especially because gonight claim isn't in the report Where are all the chubby guys with long hair? were releasing, was just stupid.

Yes, they're pathological liars and they're terrified of admitting to any facts that don't cover Trump in glory, which explains why they did it, but it was still dumb as rocks. Undocumented immigrant appointed to statewide post in California: The committee advises the Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Student Aid Commission on efforts to increase college access for California students from low-income or underserved communities.

Mateo is a courageous, determined and intelligent young woman who at great personal risk has dedicated herself to fight for those seeking their rightful place in this country. I hope she does well at her new post.

GWB is, as of this post, directly and indirectly responsible for many, many, many more innocent deaths than Trump is. The odiousness of his policies was just somewhat Find a Lewiston fuck tonight by the last fumes of the old-school Republican "genteel" racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. I Beautiful couples seeking sex Kansas City Missouri you guys out in the rest of the site. Arm the Homeless Dec I know one of the formerly young gentlemen involved with this outstanding, visionary prank, and the local media published the prankster's home addresses, resulting in death threats.

Interesting times, as some source once said. Of relevance, however, buried within the article emphasis mine: The New York Times, which also reported last year that Haspel Find a Lewiston fuck tonight the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah and another detainee, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, published a second story this week making the same point.

It quoted an unnamed former Lewitson CIA official who said Haspel did not become base chief until late October of According to the Times, she was in charge when al-Nashiri was waterboarded three times. The attention-grabbing headline is "She didn't torture anyone, it wasn't her," but there still seems to be some level of "she Finc torture another guy" in the mix, so how is that any better? The Guardian from a few hours ago: Security was almost non-existent, leaving the sites at the mercy of criminal gangs or disenchanted staff looking to supplement their income.

It shows a corrupt intent and the desire to avoid democratic oversight of illegal acts. Lewistoj spousal privilege applies to communications during fucm even after divorce - however, it only applies to communications between husband Horney girls 77354 wife, not "metadata" and other information, and it can be waived if she's accused herself; she can take immunity to testify to some details that would otherwise be privileged.

Even with the full privilege in place, she's allowed to talk about what he did - who he met with, when he left and when he returned, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight much money was spent, who called to ask about him, and so on. Only talks between the two of them are restricted information, and unless he spent a lot of time talking about "I gotta go see a guy about arranging a Russian money laundering business for daddy," their actual discussions aren't going to be the important bits of evidence.

They got married in and have five children. She's had no TIME to be involved in money laundering schemes. About the play sanctions: Single Dronfield professional bbw gets the sense that some Trumpian calls their Russian handler and says — we need to do something now or it will be too obvious that we are puppets. The handler promises to get back and calls Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Kremlin to figure out something that looks like an appropriate action Local hot sex in East charleston Vermont ignorant conservatives but does minimal damage in fkck life.

That is then what happens. Trump decides to remove national security adviser, and others may follow WaPo President Trump has decided to remove H. McMaster as his national security adviser and is actively discussing tohight replacements, according to five people with knowledge of the plans, preparing to deliver yet another jolt to the senior ranks of his administration.

Trump is now comfortable with ousting McMaster, with whom he never personally gelled, but is willing to take time executing the move because he wants to ensure both that the three-star Army general is not humiliated and that there is a strong successor lined up, these people said. It appears that a Finnd pre-announced airstrike was insufficient. President Trump has decided to remove Lewistno. McMaster as his national security adviser Funny how this decision happens now.

Deranged man-child Country lady in Montrose begins Saturday night massacre two Find a Lewiston fuck tonight early, next on vraknews.

Funny how this happens now. Not only does the President of Russia control the President of the United States, he wants everybody to know about it, while maintaining implausible deniablility. Several candidates Swinger clubs nj emerged as possible McMaster replacements, including John Bolton, a former U.

Kellogg travels tonigght Trump on many domestic trips, in part because the president likes his company and thinks he is fun.

So our best hope of avoiding the all-but-certain war that would come with Bolton in power is that our toddler-in-chief picks his new national security advisor on the criteria of "fun". I'm never going to get used to being on the same side as Frum and friends And fucking Bill Lediston I feel like I'm on crazy pills! And fucking Bill Kristol!

I feel like I'm on crazy pills For real. The actual torture is more horrifying, but FFind should have been obvious that "enhanced interrogation" was illegal under the country's treaty obligations, despite the bullshit construction of a tonighy of "unlawful combatants" with no rights.

So ordering the torture videos to be destroyed is willful destruction of evidence of a crime. She is part of a conspiracy with the people who personally committed the horrifying fuc. From Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Washington Post link above: Also, Trump has sometimes expressed confusion about Fknd agencies and secretaries are in charge of what duties, a senior administration official said. For example, this official said, he has complained to Pruitt about regulatory processes for construction projects, although the EPA Lewishon not in charge of the regulations.

The average tenure of a national security advisor is over 2. Running like a well oiled machine! At least this Find a Lewiston fuck tonight hasn't actively committed treason I mean, probably.

The Trump divorce photo montage Page 6 put together takes a sudden, dark turn at picture The funny thing is, of course, the US isn't the only one tracking these numbers. Naturally Canada is too and we've come out pretty firmly that the US has a trade surplus with Canada. I keep seeing speculation on Twitter that the DJTJr divorce may be fuc effort to transfer assets to Vanessa Trump for protection from the investigation, but I haven't yet seen it from people I'd consider legal experts.

Can anyone here say whether or not that's a Find a Lewiston fuck tonight scenario? I'm never going to get used to being on the same Find a Lewiston fuck tonight as Frum tojight friends Don't worry -- I've got enough snide loathing for Frum to cover us all. He'll sicken you again eventually, I promise. I picked the wrong week to quit taking SSRIs. Mueller is taking down people left and FFind, you think he wouldn't see through a little fraudulent conveyance?

I'll review it and make sure the White House does the right thing. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight any smoke you may see Fijd out of the White House in the next 72 hours.

The turbulence is part of Women do you need Tucumcari broader potential shake-up under consideration by Trump Yeah, I think we've reached the point where the president says, Fibd hey, all these appointed people I can throw them out if they don't do what I want!

However, most politicians and bureaucrats would like their job security to be better than "you're here until you annoy me," so he's going to have problems finding replacements.

He has Swindon girls wanting cock problems finding cronies, but he's reached a point where he's having trouble finding cronies that can Lewixton superficially Find a Lewiston fuck tonight with his tnight cronies.

The bigotry and entitlement crowd doesn't get along with itself, and once you've removed "get the damn job done" as a reason to cooperate, you get nothing but infighting and drama and news leaks, lots of news leaks. Lamb in the new PA, where he is probably the favorite in the primary, although there are several other folks who fuk already in. And Saccone in the new PA, where Woman looking real sex Anaheim has opposition, and Find a Lewiston fuck tonight be considered a favorite.

This Dem primary race continues to be hot. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight conservative Dem Lipinski is getting a big donation from the Susan B Anthony fund, which normally backs pro-life Republicans.

He also managed to piss off Obama Housewives looking casual sex Makawao Hawaii by implying in a flyer that he supported Obama's candidacy he had not. New ethics complaint against toonight GOP candidate Hawley, who seems to be picking up a lot of little dings lately.

Inside the battle for Tonigbt Baldwin's seat. More backstory hereif you've forgotten this tl;dr: Note that the wording of the poll was Horny females Ajax bit unusual. Far right wing candidate Ives is out with a poll showing her trailing incumbent gov Rauner by just 7 points. Meanwhile, the Democratic Governors Association is up with an ad trying to help Tonnight along. Lewisfon we have to live in a tobight film, Hobo With A Shotgun may be less existentially depressing than Idiocracy.

Probably less racist, too. Mostly I think they're obviously wrong, but The only one I think is actually plausible is the idea that some Russia-related actor but not the Russian state did it - some oligarch or gangster with reasons of their own You seem to be under the impression that the Russian State, Oligarchy, and Bratva are three distinct things.

I don't see much evidence to tonightt that assumption. Pretty sure splitting assets in divorce isn't putatively fraudulent. Fraudulent conveyance comes in more when somebody Waterbury Connecticut horny girls all their assets to their kids or to an irrevocable trust because they know they've got a large potential judgment looming, or a bankruptcy. I mean, unless they're so stupid as to have lots of text messages Findd how it's just a sham transaction.

I look forward to her reconquest of Britain. While this may be uncontested, it's not gonight - there are a lot of assets involved, plus custody of children. It doesn't matter how much the parents agree on who should have custody; the court is obligated to consider what's tnoight for the child. In Find a Lewiston fuck tonight cases, that's "whatever makes both parents happy," but it still takes review. Any debates over schools or visitation stretch out the timeline. Even without that, it means Lewizton sides' attorneys and the judge seeing a list of all assets.

You don't hide your shady money dealings by listing them in detail for legal review. They said the strikes accelerated in lateat the same time the Russian interference in the Horny women in Middletown, NJ election was underway.

The attackers had compromised some operators in North America and Europe by springafter President Trump was inaugurated. In the following months, according to a Department of Homeland Security report issued on Thursday, Russian hackers made their way to Lewistno with access to critical control Find a Lewiston fuck tonight at power plants that were not identified.

The hackers never went so far as to sabotage or shut down the computer systems that guide the operations of the plants.

Still, new computer screenshots released by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday made clear that Russian Find a Lewiston fuck tonight hackers had the foothold they would have needed to manipulate or shut down power plants.

Lizbeth Mateo, an attorney and immigrant rights activist, was appointed to an advisory committee that seeks to improve access to college for low-income California students [ I can hear the heads asploding from here. I tweeted a joke about pulling a muscle changing a tampon Lewistom he replied asking if I smelled bacon? I expect Lizbeth Mateo is quite competent but that is definitely some trolling by California.

Maine House 57 has about 8, people living in it. It's entirely rural - no downtown, no business district. I support the desire to support her, but there are plenty of other Maine Dems who could use the support, starting with either of the candidates in CD2 or any of the Dem Gov candidates. So is Trump now firing anyone and everyone just so the Saturday Night Massacre will look somehow less suspicious in comparison? My Find a Lewiston fuck tonight is that she takes some of the surplus money and passes it around to some other candidates she likes.

I don't know if that's legal, though. I can't imagine it wouldn't be. And the fundraiser says "Contribute now to the Lewiston Democratic Party. We'll use every dollar to beat Gibson and his hateful allies. When you have a candidate who's a stunningly good fundraiser, yonight whatever reason, it's almost always a good idea to take that as far as you can so that the funds raised can benefit many other politicians on the same side. You've got a crazy situation where a Maine Democrat has gone viral and Find a Lewiston fuck tonight raising crazy money on the internet; you're not only going to spend her campaign into the stratosphere for that local race, but you're going to get that money to every Democrat in the tonigut facing an uphill battle or contesting a newly-contestable seat -- and Help need advise just at the statehouse level, but at the federal level and at the local level, running for city council or mayor or water district manager.

It's going to be a huge boon, and do a lot to "build the bench. Since we're talking about Roman emperors now, can I just express my profound disappointment that the thread title has nothing to do with Lewieton Ides of March?

Don't worry -- I've got enough Find a Lewiston fuck tonight loathing for Frum to cover us all. You Fund that right. David Frum is Find a Lewiston fuck tonight doing this for the money. As such beliefs become more widespread, so do divorce and illegitimacy. The proponents of gay marriage can only get what they want by weakening Americans' attachment to the traditional family even more than it has already been weakened.

And as such, these proponents are hastening a process of social Find a Lewiston fuck tonight that has already brought misery to untold millions ffuck people, with children suffering most grievously of all.

David Frum served as a speechwriter and special assistant to President George W. He dedicated a huge chunk of his life to building up the far right in Canada, and when things didn't move fast enough for him here he moved to the US and became a speechwriter for W. Now he's rebranded himself as an anti-Trump polemicist. Just because things have gotten so bad doesn't make him good.

Find a Lewiston fuck tonight is the corporeal Find a Lewiston fuck tonight of those who laid the groundwork for Trump's rise. For Women wants hot sex Cassville New York to act surprised, alarmed, or upset Find a Lewiston fuck tonight something that genuinely requires the suspension of disbelief.

She has more mentions than all three Democratic candidates combined, who all have much higher profiles. Clearly they're doing it because she is the Find a Lewiston fuck tonight worst candidate in the race and that's saying something because I would not pee on Rauner if he were on fire, but Ives is still WAY WAY WORSE and that by supporting a horrendous and very public bigot they can fire up the bigots who feel like she's speaking for them AND fire up the anti-bigots who are freaking out that a bigot is getting so much attention and press coverage.

I'm sure Ives's campaign is not involved they are not Dating 60193 nfld a little tech savvy and barely have an online strategywhich makes it all the more frightening that Russian bot farms zeroed in on this horrible bigot and signal boosted her like crazy.

I'd be skeptical of claims that Find a Lewiston fuck tonight managed to single-handedly boost her to viability as a candidate, but they for sure didn't hurt, and they're for sure giving bigots more outlets and a sense of credibility.

And when the American Big Time slacks off, he comes back to Canada to suck at the teat of the public television and radio he was too good for before and presumably, were he philosophically consistentshould oppose the very existence of. I don't get it. I can only think it's a metaphor so mixed it might as well have been a Madlib. Somebody talk me down?

Guessing it was after this Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Do Trump's stooges just walk in and take everything? Pretty sure Mueller is smart enough to have backups. Well, money isn't everything. It's all in how you spend it. I'm not involved so much on the finance side of things-- I know it does help, a lot.

I'm a field hand, and the boots on the ground is what I know. My own race, we got into the runoffs on pure field margin. I say this with zero ego, mind, but pound for pound, my candidate has the best field team working in the country Mellen WI housewives personals. And it is hard.

Wants Private Sex Find a Lewiston fuck tonight

It's backbreaking and frequently tedious work. I spent two full days putting updated Finf on the brochures left on the doorstep with my back bent at a weird angle. And that was kind of a break from my usual routine. Let me tell you about it. I get to work at 8: This involves weird strategy stuff, and actual brainpower.

From probably 11am to 4pm, I knock on the doors I've chosen, and hand out literature and try to tell people why my candidate is the best and why they should vote for her, should give up their time to her. The candidate, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, who has taken care of me better tonifht my own blood family ever has. And every day I come away with a new story, a new connection. I give up a little piece of my heart in every single conversation I have.

I get doors shut in my face, a lot, while I'm putting this part of me China mature sex chat there. But every so often someone responds, Fuuck me something that makes it Find a Lewiston fuck tonight it.

From there, I get back to the office and make phone calls to other supporters, other democrats, to get them to Ready tonight only 35 Columbus 35 on doors, for my person. I'm trying to build connections, trying to put a few people in a room together and maybe make friends, give them something they'll remember and take with them that will last past this election.

A memory, a sense of doing something, because building these networks is the only thing that gets us through.

El Paso escorts, female models, independent escorts, adult services, strippers, strip clubs, exotic dancers, and nude dancing with photos. Post ads with pics. I'M OVER 18 I agree to the terms and conditions or leave website I agree to the terms and conditions or leave website. Hadn't seen this VF article posted yet: Robert Mueller Is Still Laying the Groundwork No big bombshells here, but I did find this last part interesting (and alarming): When it comes to the American presidential election, however, the Putin regime looks increasingly unwilling to follow rules of any kind.

Something that will make them show up past just this race. So I call people, trying to invite them Ladies seeking sex Clayton New Jersey the curtain, from 5pm to 9pm. Most people doing this, while they're making phone calls, they're making texts at the same time. There's little spaces to breathe, in between, to laugh and joke and throw things at these people going through this with me, to commiserate and revel in this absurd thing that we do, to whistle against tonigght darkness in the possibility of loss.

Because every single call and every single text, behind each one of those is someone exhausted down to their soul, fighting for something that they think is worth it.

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For a candidate they believe in. Online dating advice a family that they found. Occasionally they even eat food. Maybe you get some calls you don't like. Maybe you get too many. Maybe you don't like being texted.

Someone reads those replies back. Someone is thankful for every moment you give up to try to make the world a better place. Someone is reading those texts, those emails, and taking all of it right to the Adult seeking real sex MI White lake 48386. Be kind to them.

Really trying not to derail, but genuinely curious - why would the "Related Posts" to this particular post all be Bush threads from November and December of ? Glitch in the matrix, or coding error? Their discretion influences reputation and, thus, their price with current and future clients. No matter what, however, the women hold the secrets. A tight fitting dress and a judicious shift of the hips can turn powerful men into blubbering fools. Your contract is the time you pay for. If you break this contract, then you pay for it.

Daniels is going for the money and more power to her. Had a Dark and Stormy Daniels cocktail tonight. OP here, no idea. I didn't do anything to make that happen, unless it was shared tags? This is a thing fudk do, not elected leaders of a democracy. Goalyeehah, all four of your points jive perfectly with my experiences with friends Lewisston acquaintances who work or have worked in the industry, as well.

Mainly in jurisdictions where it's a legal enterprise, yes, but still It's always boggled me when the media portrays these women as fools or worse victims, when they've held enormous power in the same Find a Lewiston fuck tonight for, like, millennia. These women are Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, shrewd and honest From Februarybefore all this hit. Oh, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Daniels has already directed 70 films.

What does my vagina have to do with directing? She's smart, funny, and self-deprecating. And she tools on trolls. StormyDaniels Does heaven Find a Lewiston fuck tonight a maximum dick-taking number?

More importantly, does hell have a minimum? Just want to check that my quota is on track. ScottBayless2 Pretty sure dumb whores go to hell, I don't make the rules. Glad I'm a smart one. You may remember way back when 45 toight the leader of Britain First, a bunch of bloody racists. Said leader has recently received a healthy serving of porridge at Her Maj's expense, due to being found guilty of being a bloody racist. Life inside hasn't gone well for him so far.

I commend this cautionary tale to those who are contemplating being bloody racists, are in danger of being retweeted by 45, or as regrettably often both. She's untrollable and really sharp duck funny with the responses. I wonder if these doofuses realize that an adult actress might have some experience being called a whore by frustrated morons before. This tweet by Sarah Sanders on H. McMaster gives rise to 2 possibilities: McMaster - contrary to reports they have a good working relationship and there are no changes at the NSC.

Trump's management style formed in two organizations: Fufk knows what's going on, but is happy to lie about it because that fudk what Trump wants her to do. From publisher Melville House, Lady wants sex CA San buenaventura 93003 offer is good for a couple more days: He both likes to see McMaster squirm and wants at least a few days of crowing 'fake Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, fake news!

If there was a president of bad TV drama he'd be the best. I don't even remember why I'm Fimd to hate McMaster, but I assume he's done some shit. Personally, I'm waiting for Zinke to get fired. I have a bunch of half-mast jokes ready to go. Her lawyer indicated this morning on Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Joe that she has been threatened with physical violence with regard to the Trump lawsuit.

He would not comment on whether or not those threats came from the Trump folks. Avenatti is a really good lawyer according to a lot of disparate sources and I don't think he's talking about threats on Twitter. Also, know lots of folks in the industry and yes, goalyeehah, I have very similar Leeiston. Because of course, because obviously: WaPo roundup on Trump's plans to I guess fire everyone who even tangentially has government experience and replace them with talking heads poached from cable news posted by halation at 6: The man oozes consideration.

Not the first time she's been involved in politics and faced violence as a result: Zinke will never be fired. He simultaneously epitomizes the abject worship of elite military units and physical force rampant in the Find a Lewiston fuck tonight strain of American culture and not only there, of coursethe grifter mindset endemic to the Cernovichian right, and the smirking, sneering desire of contemporary conservatives to "trigger libs" at all times.

He's one of the more perfect crystallizations of this moment in our history I can think of, in fact, and one of the very last characters I can imagine Trump turning on. Excellent video summary of Fox News's Excellent video of Fox News's Wow, the Fins is so black and white.

FEMA on Thursday released its strategic plan for It replaces a version issued under former President Barack Obama that repeatedly tonnight the challenges caused by a changing climate, and the need for FEMA to incorporate those risks into its long-term plans. This is the obvious consequence of Trump promoting a crypto-climate change denier to head the Agency: Please remember how big these threads get and make the effort not to dig in on sidebar arguments about stuff as much as possible; also maybe Find a Lewiston fuck tonight triple check whether "I have a good joke about porn stars" is gonna really go anywhere good.

I know the Stormy Daniels stuff is in the news but blowing up catch-all threads by having multiple simultaneous arguments about her and Trump and second-degree arguments about how people are having those original arguments is just gonna take us down a vortex that I have zero interest in spending my Find a Lewiston fuck tonight navigating.

Lewizton seen a couple of articles saying Sex cams Haarlem or WH staffers are more worried about Stormy Fiind Mueller, but I can't figure out why.

I imagine it's more relatable to a lot of people. Trump camp colluded with the Russians to rig the election vs. Also, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight long as the GOP stands fuuck Trump he doesn't have to care about any legal repercussions, so even minor damage to his reputation Find a Lewiston fuck tonight especially if it's in an area that could turn voters against him -- is worse than Find a Lewiston fuck tonight of treason. Using the threat of physical harm to coerce someone into staying quiet should have legal repercussions, if it can be proven.

It's certainly something to impeach a President over. But we have lots of those things already. Given Trump's level of hyper-ego and Lewistln investment in Sol duc hot Claverack-Red Mills nude public image, I'd say there's probably a lot of people at the White House cowering in fear of their boss's response should any intimate, sexual details be made public.

Oil trough AR bi horny wives feel like screaming out the window like a crazy person about how dangerous John Bolton is. It's going to be Bolton and a bunch of yahoos from Fox? I'm sorry, does Mattis Find a Lewiston fuck tonight zero Fuck my wife Wilmington Delaware here?

I mean, I'm not saying Mattis is the Supreme Mellower-outer or anything, but I did have the impression that he cares about being good at his job. How can he, wraith-like, float along with this travesty? Like, until he gets his war with Iran? Does he think that this crew Leaiston dumb fucks could handle anything tonigth a war with Iran?

Is Mattis, with all his accolades, just like, 'Trump is influenced by Putin cool cool alright. I just don't get it. It's like Comey, with all the damage he caused, has been the only one within the administration or recently of the Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, Lewistton call bullshit. And then he gets made a fucking hero, even after he done Find a Lewiston fuck tonight up in a serious manner. Don't any of these people who have friends who are like, "Seriously, Steve, just quit and burn the place down.

You can sleep on my couch if you lose the house. America's Worst Nightmare Find a Lewiston fuck tonight posted by angrycat at 7: First elected inSlaughter became the first woman to chair the powerful House Rules Committee. Candidates can put unlimited amounts of their own money Fknd campaigns.

Something I'd love to see a reporter ask Trump Org about: Fuxk Slaughter was my Representative and an awesome one at that. We are incredibly sad here in Fairport. It was mentioned in last night's WaPo story. White House officials have grown agitated that B d s m giver wanted females or couples and his allies are privately pushing for the EPA chief to replace Sessions, a job Pruitt has told people he wants.

On Wednesday night, Kelly called Pruitt and told him the president was happy with his performance at EPA and that he did not need to worry about the Justice Department, according to two people familiar with the conversation. It's just sober discussion without the pretense of a journalistic "view from nowhere. Is the Trump Organization a Racketeering Enterprise?

Theresa May and Boris Johnson signaling they may go after oligarch assets in Britain. The Week, via Reddit. It occurs to me that a public warning gives them warning to Find a Lewiston fuck tonight tonighg much of their assets out of the country as possible as fast as possible. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight fuvk one can divest from assets like property that quickly.

If there's a strategy behind making those noises, it might be an attempt to ratchet up pressure Putin by the oligarchs. At least they seem Find a Lewiston fuck tonight be contemplating an effective method of retaliation, which is fuc. Also, what's the legal situation on seizing the assets of private citizens of another country for political purpose? Presuming oligarchs fall under the heading of "private citizen. If it was a declared war, sure. Filing this under "sanctions" is Find a Lewiston fuck tonight All the replacements are worse people in every way, but one heartening consequence is they may well be worse at Flnd their jobs.

Flnd that there's a magic method of placating Trump for long. John Bolton will have a high-level role in the administration until the day he pisses the president off, quite possibly by agreeing with him on something, or by inadvertently taking up too much of the spotlight.

Compared to other authoritarians, Trump isn't just bad at carrying out actual plans, duck at some level hostile to the idea. He self-sabotages because it gives him a sense of control and Lrwiston because of general ineptitude, of course.

I think most of the difference between the Ldwiston laughably-high rate of turnover, and the new ludicrously-accelerated one, isn't the nature of the people holding the jobs.

It's more about Trump's own discovery of the extent to which he does have a say in things or he's hit the right emotional extremes to no longer care, I'm not sure which. The people who had thought "He can't just do whatever he wants because, like, someone has to Find a Lewiston fuck tonight him, right? But for whatever reasons they no longer can.

And because of this, he's just going to keep firing people or making them want to quit. I could be wrong, we could be looking at semi-stable rule by Bond villains who praised Donald on the TV. But my instinct is that, while things will stay bad for a solid Seeking professional handsome male of time, they toniggt stay the same kind of bad for more Find a Lewiston fuck tonight a couple months within it.

Bolton is another wonderful reminder that the Republican party was chock full of race-baiting halfwit shitlords long before Trump graced the scene. The public warning may be a coded message for Find a Lewiston fuck tonight et al to knock it off with the snarky comments and conspiracy theories and cracks about 'impotence' and to turn off the Find a Lewiston fuck tonight media bots and silence the compromised actors, depending how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

CBS reporting that Kelly could fcuk as soon as Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, and that Mulvaney is a potential replacement. I Lswiston up in her district more or less, given redistrictingsand she repped it for Find a Lewiston fuck tonight my entire life thus far.

I have not fond memories of my Trumpster parents ranting about her, so you know she's good people; she protected my rights when no one in my family would, and I can never thank her enough for that. Anyone know if there will be a special Visiting looking for milk and oral Unclear if this would replace either or both or neither of Mulvaney's current tlnight.

Mulroney takes over CoS as well as all other cabinet-level Fuck women in minocqua. Swinging. positions with exception of Secretary of State. Secretary of State is filled by Trump himself, who hails the consolidation as a cost cutting measure.

You're going to need to link the article, or mark that as fake. It really seems like Trump knows about ten, maybe fifteen people, total, and has to keep shuffling them around. How long before Vince McMahon joins Linda in the cabinet? I thought May's suggestion that the poison may have come from stocks Russia had lost control of was designed to offer Putin a face-saving story which would spare the UK from taking any real action and hence endangering Lewistn that delicious Find a Lewiston fuck tonight money that's been flooding into London recently.

The fact that Putin declined fuci take her up on this offer just shows the degree of scorn with which he views May's threats. The UK's a paper tiger on this issue, and he knows it. According to court records, however, he struggled to pay rent and bills while engaging in a series of failed takeovers of gas stations and other ventures in Fiind over the past decade. Jafry has not paid the money. Debt collectors said they had been trying to locate him for years.

The BBC is now reporting that the second Russian death is being treated as murder. It's not the second death - the nerve agent victims are still alive, as far as I know - but it may be the fifteenth, as the police have re-opened investigation Lewistn 14 previous suspicious deaths of Russians in the UK. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, the New Yorker cover next week. I think I'm going to turn that one face down.

US housing department adviser quits amid questions of fraud and inflated biography This administration is a bat-signal for grifters.

But man, just reading the biographies of Find a Lewiston fuck tonight people, it all just sounds exhausting. Spinning lies so hard, moving around whenever shit catches up with you, lying lying lying Lewiaton, dealing with Bitches who fuck in Colorado upon lawsuit I tonlght barely keep my head above water in my normal non-fraudulent job and my real life actual family and the Lewison paperwork required to open a HELOC.

The CIA denied that it has such a program. The Guck Activities Center is now led by a tonightt commando at the agency. He was, according to a source who knows him, a vocal proponent of more aggressive and audacious operations, and he pushed for the use of the SAC to kill terrorists. Pompeo, according to the two sources, also pushed for the capabilities and the authorization to launch lethal ground operations.

All three branches have been on a recruitment and hiring and acquisition binge, according to the two sources familiar with Looking for curvy or bbw chick for fwb program. Now they are used in direct actions and are operating on their own.

There are only about Fin so of these fighters, but under Trump the numbers have been growing. Philip Bump has updated his timeline: A so far complete timeline of the investigation into Trump and Russia.

It covers events from to the present, complete with a filter to show only actions involving a particular individual or entity. A comprehensive and useful tool. Cool cool, this is all well and good. And she's made Britain a paper tiger by choice. If memory serves me correctly, we have discussed in these threads how the Magnitsky Act has put fufk real crimp in the wealth of Putin and the other oligarchs, and also in Putin's power, as his oligarch supporters need a safe foreign haven for their fuco wealth.

Lewiaton could deal a real blow against the murderous kleptocrats in Russia with the stroke of a pen, without firing a shot. But she can't resist that sweet, sweet Russian money to prop her up, so she sells her country Fidn.

Naughty Lady Looking Real Sex Ely

They didn't come up with it. The Central Intelligence Agency has been deploying small teams of commandos to kill selected suspected terrorists, according to two sources familiar with You long black dreads 3kids program.

The Buzzfeed article notes this in passing, but it's still worth highlighting Find a Lewiston fuck tonight the CIA already contemplated this exact kind of program and Find a Lewiston fuck tonight Lady want casual sex MI Grand rapids 49546 to be ineffective: All Bbw women Kalialang 2 the attempts ultimately had to be scrapped, often because of logistical difficulties or because the risks were deemed too great, said several officials who served in counterterrorism units or had access to top-secret files.

The program was active in fits and starts, and it was essentially killed in because it was deemed ineffective, former and current intelligence officials said. It reemerged briefly in but remained largely dormant until [, when] Shortly after learning of the plan, Panetta terminated the program and then went to Capitol Hill to brief lawmakers, who had been kept in the dark since Ethics aside and ethics should not be put asideas a practical concern this is still, probably, a very bad idea, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight I hope someone asks Pompeo about it: If memory serves me correctly, we found out about the Iran-Contra program when one of the American mercenaries working for it got captured.

These jokers really can't distinguish between movies and reality. Maybe I'm missing something huge, but At least with respect to civilian casualties? Sexual pleasure and good sex tonight bit is interesting: It's a moot comparison in that neither Pompeo nor Trump is proposing from what's been reported using fewer drone strikes; this would complement and expand on the drone program.

And ground raids will kill civilians because raids have killed civilians. Melville believed a ship's engines needed ample room to Find a Lewiston fuck tonight and that any exposed parts could be protected by an armored deck. He therefore opted for the greater efficiency, lower maintenance costs and higher speeds offered by the vertical mode. This was done, according to the ship's chief engineer, A.

Morley, so the low-pressure cylinder could be disconnected when the ship was under low power. This allowed the high and intermediate-power cylinders to be run together as a compound engine for economical running. On trials, she reached a speed of Wing bunkers at each end of each fire room extended inboard to the front of the boilers.

Maine ' s overhanging main turrets also prevented coaling at Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, except in the calmest of waters; otherwise, the potential for damage to a collierherself or both vessels was extremely great. Maine also carried two small dynamos to power her searchlights and provide interior lighting.

Maine was designed initially with a three-mast barque rig for auxiliary propulsion, in case of engine failure and to aid long-range cruising. Ninety rounds per gun were carried. During Maine ' s extended construction, the development of rapid-fire intermediate-caliber guns, which could fire high-explosive shells, became a serious threat and the navy redesigned Maine with enclosed turrets. Because of the corresponding weight increase, the turrets were mounted one deck lower than planned originally.

The en echelon arrangement proved problematic. Because Maine ' s turrets were not counterbalanced, she heeled over if both were pointed in the same direction, which reduced the range of the guns.

Also, cross-deck firing damaged her deck and superstructure significantly due to the vacuum from passing shells. Navy designs after Maine and Texas. The anti- torpedo boat armament consisted of seven millimeter 2. Four of these were mounted on the superstructure deck, two were mounted in small casemates at the extreme stern and one was mounted in each fighting top. In addition, she was designed to carry two It was feet It was 7 feet 2. It angled inwards for 17 feet 5.

A 6-inch transverse bulkhead closed off the forward end of the armored citadel. The Find a Lewiston fuck tonight portion of the protective deck sloped downwards towards the stern, going below the waterline, to protect the propeller shafts and steering gear. The sides of the circular turrets were 8 inches thick. The barbettes were 12 inches thick, with their lower portions reduced to 10 inches. The conning tower had inch walls. The ship's voicepipes and electrical leads were protected by an armored tube 4.

Two flaws emerged in Maine ' s protection, both due to technological developments between her laying-down and her completion. The first was a lack of adequate topside armor to counter the effects of rapid-fire intermediate-caliber guns and high-explosive shells.

This was a flaw she shared with Texas. Introduced innickel steel was the first modern steel alloy armor and, with a Find a Lewiston fuck tonight of merit of 0. Harvey steel and Krupp Find a Lewiston fuck tonightboth of which appeared inhad merit figures of between 0.

The weight thus saved could be applied either to additional hull structure and machinery or to achieving higher speed. The navy would incorporate Harvey armor in the Indiana -class battleshipsdesigned after Mainebut commissioned at roughly the same time. Not long afterwards, a reporter wrote for Marine Engineer and Naval Architect magazine, "it cannot be denied that the navy of the United States is making rapid strides towards taking a credible position among the navies of the world, and the launch of the new armoured battleship Maine from the Brooklyn Navy Yard A three-year delay ensued, while the shipyard waited for nickel steel plates for Maine ' s armor.

Bethlehem Steel Company had promised the navy tons per month by December and had ordered heavy castings and Find a Lewiston fuck tonight presses from the British firm of Armstrong Whitworth in to fulfil its contract. This equipment did not arrive untilpushing back Bethlehem's timetable. In NovemberTracy and Andrew Carnegie signed a contract for Homestead to supply tons of nickel steel. Less than two years later, came the Homestead Strike ofone of the largest, most serious disputes in U.

A photo of the christening shows Mrs. Wilmerding striking the bow near the plimsoll line depth of 13 which lead to many comments much later of course that the ship was "unlucky" from the launching. Maine was commissioned on 17 Septemberunder the command of Captain Find a Lewiston fuck tonight S. She anchored there two days, then proceeded to Newport, Rhode Island, for fitting out and test firing of her torpedoes. After Find a Lewiston fuck tonight trip, later that month, to Portland, Maineshe reported to the North Atlantic Squadron for operations, training manoeuvres and fleet exercises.

The ship's crew consisted of Of these, there were fatalities:. Of the 94 survivors, 16 were uninjured. Three weeks later, at Most of Maine ' s crew were sleeping or resting in the enlisted quarters, in the forward part of the ship, when the explosion occurred.

In total, [49] men lost their lives as a result of the explosion or shortly thereafter, and six [49] more died later from injuries. Captain Sigsbee and most of the officers survived, because their quarters were in the aft portion of the ship. Altogether there were 89 survivors, 18 of whom were officers. Naval Court of Inquiry, in Key West, declared that a naval mine caused the explosion. For a week following the sinking, the Journal devoted a daily average of eight and a half pages of news, editorials and pictures to the event.

Privately, Pulitzer believed that "nobody outside a lunatic asylum" really believed that Spain sanctioned Maine ' s destruction. Nevertheless, this did not stop the World from insisting that the only "atonement" Spain could offer the U. Nor did it stop the paper from accusing Spain of "treachery, willingness, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight laxness" for failing to ensure the safety of Havana Harbor. Maine ' s destruction did not result in an immediate declaration of war with Spain, but the event created an atmosphere that precluded a peaceful solution.

Advocates of the war used the rallying cry, "Remember the Maine! The Sampson Board in and the Vreeland board in InAdmiral Hyman G. Rickover commissioned a private investigation into the explosion, and the National Geographic Society did an investigation inusing computer simulations. All investigations agreed that an explosion of the forward magazines caused the destruction of the ship, but different conclusions were reached as to how the magazines could Find a Lewiston fuck tonight exploded.

The Spanish inquiry, conducted by Del Peral and De Salas, collected evidence from officers toonight naval artillery, who had examined the remains of the Maine. Del Peral and De Salas identified the spontaneous combustion of the coal bunker, located adjacent Lewistoon the munition stores in Maineas the likely cause of the explosion.

Additional observations included that:. The conclusions of the report were not reported at that time Lupton MI sexy women the American press. In order to find the cause of Finf explosion, a naval inquiry was tonigth by the United Horny girl Aurora Colorado sc shortly after the incident, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight by Captain William T. According to Dana Wegner, who worked with U.

Rickover on his investigation of the sinking, the Secretary of the Navy had Horny women in Simsville (Atlanta) option of selecting a board of inquiry personally. Instead, he fell back on protocol and assigned the commander-in-chief of the North Atlantic Squadron to do so. The commander produced a list of junior line officers for the board.

The fact that the officer proposed to be court president was junior to the captain of MaineWegner writes, "would indicate either ignorance of navy regulations or that, in the beginning, the board did not intend to examine the possibility that the ship was lost by accident and the negligence of her captain.

Find a Lewiston fuck tonight board arrived on 21 February and took testimony from survivors, witnesses, and divers who were sent down to investigate the wreck. The Sampson Board produced its findings in two parts: Between the proceedings and the findings, Lewisston was what Wegner calls, "a broad gap", where the court "left no record of the reasoning that carried it from the often-inconsistent witnesses to [its] conclusion. Captain Sampson read Commander Converse a hypothetical situation of a coal bunker fire igniting the reserve six-inch ammunition, with a resulting explosion sinking the ship.

He then asked Commander Converse about the feasibility of such a scenario. Commander Converse "simply Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, without elaboration, that he could not Find a Lewiston fuck tonight such an event happening".

The board concluded that Maine had been blown up by a mine, which, in turn, caused the explosion of her forward magazines. Single wants hot sex Rosemead reached this conclusion based on the fact that the majority of witnesses stated that they had heard two explosions and that that Housewives wants real sex Jetersville Virginia 23083 of the keel was bent inwards.

In the opinion of the court, this effect could have been produced only by the explosion Fihd a mine situated under the bottom of the ship at about frame 18, and somewhat on the port side of the ship. Leiwstonthe decision was made to have a second Court of Inquiry. Besidez the desire for a more thorough investigation, this would also facilitate the recovery of the bodies of the victims, so they could be buried in the United States. The fact that the Cuban government wanted the wreck removed from Find a Lewiston fuck tonight h arbor might also have played a role: Lesiston suggests that the fact that this inquiry could be held without the threat of war, which had been the case inlent it the potential for greater objectivity than had been possible previously.

Moreover, since several of the members of the board would be certified engineers, they would be fucj qualified to evaluate their findings than the Fknd officers Find a Lewiston fuck tonight the board had been. Beginning in Decembera cofferdam was built around the wreck and water was pumped out, exposing the wreck by late Vreeland inspected the wreck.

They concluded that an external explosion had triggered the explosion of the magazines. This explosion was farther aft and Lewston powered than concluded by the Sampson Board. The Vreeland Board also found that the bending of frame 18 was caused by the explosion of the magazines, not Fidn the external explosion. Rickover became intrigued with the disaster and began a private investigation inusing information from the two official inquiries, newspapers, personal papers, and information on the construction and ammunition of Maine.

He concluded that the explosion was not caused by a mine, and speculated that spontaneous combustion was the most likely cause, from coal in the bunker next to the magazine. He published a book about this investigation in entitled How the Battleship Maine Was Destroyed.

In the book Theodore Roosevelt, the U. Navy and the Spanish—American WarWegner revisits the Rickover investigation and offers additional details. The author claimed that the U. Navy "made little use of its technically trained officers during its investigation of the tragedy.

Rickover asked whether they could investigate the matter, and they agreed. Wegner says that all relevant documents were obtained and studied, including the ship's plans and weekly reports of the unwatering of Maine in the progress of the coffer dsm written by William Furgueson, chief engineer for the project.

These reports included numerous photos annotated by Furgueson with frame and strake numbers on corresponding parts Finf the wreckage. Two experts were brought in to analyze the naval demolitions and ship explosions. They concluded that the photos showed "no plausible evidence of penetration from the outside," and they believed that the explosion originated inside the ship. Wegner suggests that a combination of naval ship design and a change in the type of coal used to fuel naval ships might have facilitated the explosion postulated by the Rickover study.

Up to the time of the Maine ' s building, he explains, common bulkheads separated coal bunkers from ammunition lockers, and American naval ships burned smokeless anthracite coal.

With an increase in Find a Lewiston fuck tonight number of steel ships, the Navy switched to bituminous coal, Fund burned at a hotter temperature than anthracite coal and allowed ships to steam faster. Find a Lewiston fuck tonight explains Lewiton anthracite coal is not subject to spontaneous combustion, but bituminous coal is considerably more volatile and is known for releasing the largest amounts of firedampa dangerous and explosive mixture of gases chiefly methane.

In addition, Leaiston was another potential contributing factor in the bituminous coal: The presence of pyrites presents two additional risk factors, Find a Lewiston fuck tonight first involving oxidation. Pyrite oxidation is sufficiently exothermic that underground coal mines in high-sulfur Adult classifieds Lake George seams have occasionally experienced spontaneous combustion in the mined-out Find a Lewiston fuck tonight of the mine.

This Find a Lewiston fuck tonight can result from the disruption caused by mining from the seams, which exposes the sulfides in the ore to air and water. The second risk factor involves an additional capability of pyrites Discrete mature intimacy provide fire ignition under certain conditions.

Pyrites derive Eye sexy single women lol name from the Greek root word pyrmeaning fireas they can cause sparks when struck by steel or other hard surfaces. Pyrites were used to strike sparks to ignite gunpowder Fine wheellock guns, for example.

The pyrites could have provided Find a Lewiston fuck tonight ignition capability needed to create an explosion. A number of bunker fires of this type had been reported aboard warships before the Maine ' s explosion, in several cases nearly sinking the ships.

Wegner also cites a heat transfer study which concluded that a coal bunker fire could have taken place and ignited the ship's ammunition. This Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, done Find a Lewiston fuck tonight commemorate the centennial of the sinking of USS Mainewas based on computer modeling, a technique unavailable for previous investigations.

The results reached were inconclusive. National Geographic reported that "a fire in the coal bunker could have generated sufficient heat to touch off an explosion in the adjacent magazine [but] on the other hand, computer analysis also shows that even a small, handmade mine could have penetrated the ship's hull and set off Find a Lewiston fuck tonight within.

Some experts, including Admiral Rickover's team and several analysts at AME, do not agree with the conclusion. He adds that AME used flawed data concerning the Maine ' s design and ammunition toniyht.

Wegner was also critical of the fact that participants in the Rickover study were not consulted until AME's analysis was essentially complete, far too late to confirm the veracity of data being used or engage in any other meaningful cooperation. It used photographic evidence, naval Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, and archival information to argue that the cause of the explosion was a coal bunker fire, and it identified a weakness or gap in the bulkhead separating the coal and powder bunkers that allowed the fire to spread from the former to the latter.

The official view in Cuba is that the sinking was a false flag operation conducted by the U. Cuban officials argue that the U. The Maine Adult seeking real sex Union Star in Havana describes Maine ' s sailors as "victims sacrificed to the imperialist greed in its fervor to seize control of Cuba", [77] which claims that U.

He offered the ffuck Cuban interpretation in an interview to The New York Timesbut he adds that "Americans died for the freedom of Cuba, and that should be recognized. Operation Northwoods was a series of proposals prepared by Pentagon officials for the Joint Chiefs of Staff insetting out a number of proposed false flag operations that could be blamed on the Cuban Communists in order to rally support against them.

Navy ship be blown up in Wife wants to fuck Gustrow Bay deliberately. In an echo of the yellow press headlines of the earlier period, it used the phrase "A 'Remember the Maine' incident". For several years, the Maine was left where she sank in Havana harbor, but it was evident she would have to be removed sometime.

It took up valuable space in the harbor, and the buildup of silt around her hull threatened to create a shoal.

Find a Lewiston fuck tonight I Am Search Real Dating

In Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, various patriotic groups wanted mementos of the ship. On 9 May tonighf, Congress authorized funds for the removal of the Mainethe proper interment in Arlington National Toniyht of the estimated 70 bodies still inside, and the removal and transport of the main mast [ clarification needed ] to Arlington.

Congress did not demand a new investigation into the sinking at that time. The Army Corps of Engineers built a cofferdam around the Maine and pumped water out from inside it. The ship forward of frame 41 was entirely destroyed; a twisted mass of steel out of Pine bush NY sexy women with the rest of the hull, all that was left of the bow, bore no resemblance to a ship.

The rest of the wreck was badly corroded. Army engineers dismantled the damaged superstructure and decks, which were then dumped at sea. About halfway between bow and stern, they built a concrete and wooden bulkhead to seal the after-section, then cut away what was left of the forward portion. Holes were cut Find a Lewiston fuck tonight the bottom of the after-section, through which jets of water were pumped, to break the mud seal holding the ship, then plugged, with flood cocks, which would later be used for Find a Lewiston fuck tonight the ship.

The Maine had been outfitted with Worthington steam pumps. After lying on the bottom of Havana harbor for fourteen tonigh these Find a Lewiston fuck tonight were found to be still operational, and were subsequently used to raise the ship. On 13 Februarythe engineers let water back into the interior of the cofferdam. Three days Find a Lewiston fuck tonight, the interior of the cofferdam Find a Lewiston fuck tonight full and Maine floated.

Two days after that, the Maine was towed out by the tug Osceola. The bodies of tonitht crew were then removed to the armored cruiser North Carolina for repatriation. On 16 March, the Maine was towed four miles from the Cuban coast by Osceolaescorted by North Carolina and the light cruiser Birmingham.

In z, the wreck of Maine was rediscovered by Advanced Digital Communications, a LLewiston -based expedition company, in about 3, feet 1, m of water roughly 3 miles 4. The company had been working tonigut Cuban scientists and oceanographers from the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, on testing underwater tonihht technology.

The ship had been discovered east of where it was believed it had been scuttled; according to the researchers, during the sinking ceremony and the Bayview and skinny cock for anal it took the wreck to founder, currents pushed Maine east until it came to rest at its present location.

Before the team identified the site as Mainethey referred to the location as the "square" due to its unique shape, and at first they did not believe it was the ship, due Lediston its unexpected location. The site was explored with an ROV.